Sacramento Agents Who Do Not Answer Their Phones

sacramento agents who do not answer their phones

Sacramento agents who do not answer their phones are a pet peeve of many real estate clients. I know this because clients routinely tell me how happy they were that I answered my phone when they called. If you can imagine it, a seller decides it’s time to sell, so she calls an agent. Then another agent. Then a third agent, and nobody, not a single agent answers her phone. I imagine the seller gets kinda tired of leaving the same message over and over. That’s not to say agents are always free to chat because there are times we are with a client and cannot break away.

But clients soon learn fast enough about Sacramento agents who do not answer their phones when they call a second or third time and nobody picks up. It’s downright annoying.  I usually try all three methods when I am calling a buyer’s agent, for example. I’ll leave a voice mail, send a text and follow up with an email. Still, often nothing but crickets.

The only thing worse than Sacramento agents who do not answer their phones are agents who say they will only return calls during certain windows of time on any given day. Hate to be their client with an emergency. Excuse me, my home is burning down; my dog ran away, my mother died. Whatev. And the agent still doesn’t call back.

I’ve worked with some buyer’s agents in Sacramento whom I’ve never spoken to because they never pick up the phone. Once they slip a buyer into escrow, they often assign a TC (transaction coordinator) to “manage the transaction.” They wash their hands of the transaction and leave it up to an assistant to close it for them. Some of those TCs are not even licensed, so they’re all breaking the law.

When a seller works with Elizabeth Weintraub, that seller can be assured he or she will have top priority. I will answer my phone, respond to that email and follow up on that text message. In fact, just yesterday, a seller texted me the name and phone number of an agent who had made an appointment to view her home. Knowing that this seller’s particular situation is a bit complex for many agents, I called the buyer’s agent to answer questions he might not have known he had. Somehow my call went to voice mail, but this is an agent who does answer the phone.

He called right back to ask if I had read his mind. He had been reviewing the property information in MLS, questions developed, and there was my voice mail asking if I could answer questions. How is that for timing? Now, I don’t claim to be telepathic, but maybe that’s an additional service I can advertise, LOL. At least I will never be one of those Sacramento agents who do not answer their phones. No matter what I’m doing, if I’m not with a client, I’m picking up when my phone rings.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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