Sacramento Agent to Agent Referral: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Sacramento agent to agent referralThis agent to agent referral in Sacramento is a new occurrence for me. I mean, I have a small group of agents I consider if I ever need to refer a seller to somebody else. Which is rare. At times, there are some sellers we elect not to work with. But we would not refer those to a friend. Maybe a referral to an agent we don’t much care for. I spotted one of those agents today who listed a rejected listing. You know, the pushy, aggressive, so rude, how do they ever stay in business kind of agents. If I had thought of that agent when we rejected the seller, I would have referred the seller in that direction. However, the seller found the agent the seller deserved. Without any help from me. How win-win.

On the other hand, I have a good friend, an experienced agent, to whom I might refer a client who needs more than I have to give. Usually, these clients are extremely high maintenance. It is always about what the client deserves. But I have never called an agent I did not know out of the blue and offer up a Sacramento agent to agent referral. Lo and behold, that happened to me in reverse last week. An agent I did not know offered me a client who needs a change of pace. It’s a neighborhood I know well, and the home is a little bit challenging, but I thrive on challenges.

At first blush, I had to ask myself the hard question. The hard question was: am I getting this referral based on my solid reputation or was the agent handing the referral over because of an axe to grind. Like, was I the agent’s foe? I am a competitor, after all, but no, the answer to that was no. The agent wanted the best Sacramento Realtor for the job, and thought of me. Very flattering.

Cannot believe my suspicious nature wondered if this was a set up, LOL. It makes me feel good to know the agent has confidence in me to perform. The agent also wants what is best for the client. I don’t mind taking over somebody else’s listing. Not unusual for me to often end up listing homes that previously did not sell for some reason.

I figure out what it takes to sell that home, and then I do it. Therefore, I am very grateful for Sacramento agent to agent referrals, and I hope to avail myself to more.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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