Sac Beer Week Celebrated at Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway

selland's market cafe

Pastrami is not a thing I long for, do not dream about, never buy at the grocery store, but it was our intended purpose yesterday to visit Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway in Land Park and consume pastrami. Man, I remember when Selland first put out reports that it would build another Kitchen in that location on 10th and Broadway. We were so excited. That’s one of our favorite restaurants, and the only reason we don’t go there more often is it’s a hassle to get a reservation and a longer ways to drive.

When we heard it was coming to Land Park, we were besides ourselves with giddiness. Yes, we could crawl home if we had to. We could finally throw caution to the wind and enjoy those wine flights without one of us having to be the designated driver. But then, none of that came to pass. Selland’s Market Cafe was deemed a better fit for the demographics of our neighborhood. Home of the dinner for two with a bottle of wine for $25.

Generally, the lines are long and the parking lot is insufferable. You can’t even pull out on 9th. You’ve got to head the wrong way into Midtown. So perhaps this is more a Midtown restaurant than a Land Park dining spot. But with the prices of homes in Land Park lately, who can afford to eat out anyway?

My husband heard it was a celebration of pastrami and a pale ale yesterday. He chose the Nice to Meet You pale ale, while I selected the more aptly named pale ale for my age, Memory Upgrade, and we’re not talking about computers. The pastrami is house made, and so utterly tender it fell apart in pieces. My entire sandwich pretty much disintegrated. Plus, I had no fork just two steak knives, for some reason.

Sauerkraut and pickles fell onto my plate, along with the sauce. I just used my fingers to clean it up, and then handed my plate to my husband who finished off the little pieces. No photo because I was too busy eating.

And staring at those modern houses that were recently built on Yale Street, which face the freeway. Cool design. Awful location. The last 3 that sold this year closed between $620K and $629K. As a top Sacramento Realtor I had to ask the question of who would buy a home facing the freeway like that? But I know the answer. Today’s Millennials, LOL. Interestingly enough, all 3 buyers for those homes were represented by out-of-area agents. Perhaps they came from the Bay Area where freeway noise is considered a good location.

Yet, I have this perfectly good Land Park listing at 709 7th Avenue, a few houses away from the freeway wall on Santa Buena. Yes, come see this two bedroom, two bath with a bonus room at $399K. Which is open today, May 20th, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. Come on by. Hey, you can’t hear a sound inside this adobe built home.

Tip: a good time of day to stop at Selland’s Market Cafe is after the lunch rush and before the dinner crowd arrives. We were there around 2:00 PM. I also recommend the Memory Upgrade pale ale. It’s from San Francisco, a hazy pale ale from Barebottle Brewing Company. Creamy. Just the right bite of citrus.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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