Reviews Show Elizabeth Weintraub is a Top Listing Agent in Elk Grove

top listing agent in Elk Grove

This top listing agent in Elk Grove receives reviews that confirm performance.

A funny thing happened a few days ago to this top listing agent in Elk Grove. I had received a referral to a couple of sellers who were selling a home in Elk Grove owned by their parents. They wanted to know more about me, so I shared the fact I have sold hundreds of homes in Elk Grove. I’ve been in the business for 43 years, and they are unlikely to find another agent with such a unique track record. Lyon Real Estate has an office in Elk Grove, as well as 16 other offices throughout Sacramento. I am also not just a top listing agent in Elk Grove, in fact, I rank in the top agents in all of Sacramento County.

Not good enough, the sellers said.

They asked if I live in Elk Grove. Nope, I happen to live in Land Park. Well, their parents only did business with locals, and an office in Elk Grove was not good enough. I should live on the street, I suppose. First time I had ever heard that. It’s OK. There are all sorts in the world. Some people want to hire only women. Others prefer unmarried agents. You can’t judge anybody for their beliefs.

And then I received this review via email from an independent website yesterday. From a seller in Elk Grove for whom I sold a home at $26,000 above the comparable sales because I sold it for cash. Makes up for people who want me to live in a house on their street, which I do not understand. I, too, do business locally, but to me that means Sacramento County.

Here is that review about a top listing agent in Elk Grove under Sacramento Realtor Reviews:

“Elizabeth is the best hands down! We found her and her team by researching the best agents in Elk Grove and came across her profile. As first time sellers, we were pretty nervous about the whole process, but Elizabeth came in and reassured us that everything would be okay. She made everything happen quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

“We never expected our house to sell and escrow to close as quickly as it did. The whole process from start to finish lasted only 11 DAYS!!! Thankfully Elizabeth was there to guide us through the entire process. She made sure we understood every step and was extremely responsive and attentive to all of our questions. We absolutely loved working with Elizabeth and definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sell! You will not be disappointed with the Weintraub team!”
3 Donson Ct, Elk Grove, CA 95758

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