Agent Referral to an Elk Grove Seller Equals Dream Transaction

Mirabela at Medeira

8109 Suarez Way is located in Mirabela at Medeira in Elk Grove

This is unfortunately one of those days when I’m sitting down to focus on writing a blog about an agent referral to an Elk Grove seller, and I’ve noticed suddenly we have an abundance of tomatoes in garden. Cherry Juliet tomatoes. So naturally I have to stop what I’m doing in front of my computer and go outside to harvest. I sat back down to write this blog again when it occurred to me I have not checked the length of my cat’s toenails. Ha, you think I’m kidding. After all, I was working for 2 1/2 weeks from our vacation house in Hawaii and left my husband in charge of all-things-domestic. This is a guy who filled up the cat’s automatic water fountain with water from my back-up stationary water bowl, which resulted in two almost bone dry water bowls.

Now I am ready to talk about an agent referral to an Elk Grove seller. I absolutely love it when an agent refers a seller to me. I try to reciprocate when I have clients moving to their cities, and I maintain a large network of agents around the country. I want my clients to receive first-class service, just like the referral agents expect their clients to receive. It works out well. I realize that not only do I owe the seller the best advice and guidance my 43 years of experience has to offer, but I also need to keep the referring agent up-to-date.

This seller had her home on the market a few years ago with an agent from out-of-the-area, but it did not sell for some reason. It’s a wonderful feeling to really connect with a seller, to uncover her motives, goals, and to help her achieve them, and this seller was an utter joy to be around. She was the type of person who inspires us to be kinder, better people. She radiated warmth to everyone who came in contact with her, and my photographer could not stop raving about her.

It was painful for me to tell her that she needed to pay off her solar loan and she would not receive any additional credit from an appraiser for the $30,000 solar panel system she installed. Nor would she receive any extra value from the pigeon detractors on the roof that she paid an additional $2,000 to install. However, I am certain the seller was thrilled when I brought her, excuse me, I have to check on Google for the internal organs of a feline. My cat has some weird lump in her stomach. OK, it’s either a rectus abdominis muscle or her spleen. Back to my blog . . . I was certain the seller was thrilled when I brought her an offer that exceeded list price.

The buyer’s agent was a charming guy I had worked with in the past on several other transactions. Charm always wins. You can never be too charming and accommodating when you’re a buyer’s agent. I knew he closed his sales and recommended the seller accept his offer. Especially since his buyer so graciously agreed to purchase AS IS, plus give the seller two weeks to move after closing. That contract negotiation allowed the seller time to find a home to buy in Benicia. This agent referral to an Elk Grove seller worked out perfectly all around. My only regret is the seller has now moved away.

As an added bonus, though, the agent in Benicia just forwarded yesterday a second referral. This time to a seller in Carmichael. You know how the agent initially found my name? From another agent in her office who had sent me a referral. When you do a good job for people, the referrals roll in. Your name gets around.

We closed on schedule 8109 Suarez Way, Elk Grove, CA 95757 on September 1, 2017 at $500,000.

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