Realtor.Com and Opcity Sell Out Realtors Nationwide and opcity

Everybody knows that was late to the party online but few expected and Opcity to sell out Realtors nationwide. There was this fragile part of many agents who desperately wanted to hold out hope for and looked at this particular website as representing Realtors everywhere in the country.

Instead, and Opcity is beginning to charge agents a hefty referral fee in order to receive buyer inquiries. This Sacramento Realtor is not entirely sure how it works yet but I can tell you that News Corp (owned by Rupert Murdoch) now owns News Corp also bought Opcity. I know, you’re thinking why doesn’t the National Association of Realtors own Why did they sell it to such a horrible person?

It’s a long story. Involving, a company I cannot seem to get rid of although I have diligently tried to stop it from spamming. As for Murdoch, he’s pure evil.

The whole affiliated relationship picture of and Opcity is ugly and repulsive to me and to many other agents. It doesn’t do any good to lament and what could have been because it never happened; crying over spilt milk doesn’t help.

From now, leads will be monetized and I predict that and Opcity will enjoy a fruitful relationship from milking morons for years to come.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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