Overview and Photos of a Sacramento Realtor’s Last 3 Weeks in Hawaii

last 3 weeks in hawaiiThursday is my travel day to head back to Sacramento from my last 3 weeks in Hawaii. What a whirl-wind three weeks, and I am so fortunate to have spent those weeks on my Sacramento real estate business from our house in Kona. During that time I listed / re-listed 8 homes in the Sacramento area, put 3 homes into pending status and closed around a half dozen or so. I have 2 offers in hand. The Sacramento market is just beginning to pop. I can feel the excitement!

Everything has been fairly quiet at our house, although, I did receive a complaint from the HOA. Seems my neighbor who doesn’t like troublemakers has been filing a series of complaints, claiming my phone rings at 6 AM, which I answer outdoors. The HOA has noise restrictions before 8 AM. I really had no idea the HOA had rules about me talking on my cellphone before 8 AM. My grouchy neighbor is obviously the only person who can hear me, even though my work area is at the far end from his house.

He could have emailed or called to say, hey, would you please silence your phone until 8 AM? HOA rules. And that would have been fine. But that is what a normal person would do. My husband says I should toss any leftover fish on his roof before departing.

Look at that unusual sunset from my lanai. Who cannot help but love Hawaii? It is as though the clouds have broken out in song.

last 3 weeks in hawaiiHere is my newest gecko. This is Mr. Personality Plus! So incredibly cute. He says: who the heck are YOU? Got snacks? Nope, the HOA rules say you cannot feed the wildlife nor even hang a bird feeder. My Christian missionary friends say I have come a long way from the days I screamed at the sight of geckos. They were also very impressed when I showed them my photos on my cell phone.

This guy is so cute I almost want to kiss him. Georgy. But not quite. No. Still. Maybe.

last 3 days in hawaiiEvery Wednesday, the Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America docks in Kailua-Kona. It sails 4 islands with two stops on Big Island from Honolulu. A 7-week cruise with an ocean view / balcony running about $2,000 to a suite at $3,000. Just in case you’re looking for an inexpensive way to tour the islands in Hawaii.

When I first started spending time in Hawaii, it used to bother me that the cruise ship showed up on Wednesdays right in front of our view of the ocean. I felt as though I owned all of the ocean. This was a personal affront, an intrusion. But now it is just part of the scenery. Wait until the drones start coming.

last 3 weeks in hawaiiIt will be good to be back home with my husband and cats. Did not want to miss my husband’s birthday this month. Plus, there is the signing of the federal and state taxes. Always a joyous occasion. A huge relief to get that out of the way.

I am so ready for the spring real estate market in Sacramento. Energized.

Don’t you love this kitten? That is Ziggy over my husband’s shoulder. To think he was receptive to adopting two of JaCi’s kittens. A guy who never had pets before in his life. Cats have a way of wiggling into your heart and securely attaching themselves to your life.

E Komo Mai.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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