Overachieving is Not Really a Bad Thing for a Sacramento Realtor


This leea guineensis blooms almost year round in Hawaii, and it’s in my yard.

All of my life, I have pushed myself to extremes, which is often referred to as overachieving. Most people would not do that. Apart from elevating stress levels and defining an inbred inability to organize at such a detailed point of view, it’s just not what most people like to do. Everybody I know takes it way easier than I. But it’s OK. I was thinking about overachieving as I reviewed all of the things I put into place to make the most of my short time in Hawaii over this particular 4th of July holiday period.

Yet so far, everything has fallen into place. Last winter, I picked out most of the furniture and visited a number of stores in Kailua-Kona, until I met the salesperson I knew could help me furnish our little house in Hawaii over the phone and through email. When you’ve got a couple weeks, it is pretty much impossible to shop extensively, select what you want and get it delivered. I shot photos, kept lists and knew that one day our tenants would move, and we could furnish our house in Hawaii from California.

It was a little tough. For example, Costco didn’t really want to sell me a TV and let my painter guy pick it up. I talked to their concierge and we made it happen. I also figured out how much my painter guy could sell our new TV for on the way to our house. Probably a $100. So I gave him $100 to deliver it. $20 more to take it out of its packaging and install it in place. All joking aside, the people who live on the island of Hawaii, and it takes all kinds to make this work, are special and extremely trustworthy. It’s a different attitude. Respect for all people. Everyone is kind.

I got up at 5 AM yesterday to go to the airport. By early evening in Hawaii, I had my rental jeep in the garage, the house furnished, the TV set up and groceries in the refrigerator. This morning, I get internet (goodbye hot spot) and an alarm system installed. It was a really long day yesterday. An extreme overachieving day. I was prepared for something to go wrong, but everything went better than I had imagined, actually.

Really enjoyed being picked up at the airport by National Car Rental. I thought I’d get passed by because of all the people who rushed the van a few blocks down. My suitcases were stuffed with sheets, towels, bedspreads, the type I can’t get in Hawaii or have shipped in an expedient manner. I was not pushing them down the street. But National was expecting me on that flight, gave me priority boarding, dropped me off, an employee met me at the curb and by the time I picked out the Jeep I wanted (two seconds), she had my paperwork completed, and I drove off. Three minutes to rent a car. THAT is service.

A person accused of overachieving leaves home at 5 AM and arrives at her vacation house in Hawaii by 1:30 PM. By 4:00 PM, it is furnished.  By 5:00 PM the TV is there. And by 7:00 PM, groceries are in the frig. Overachieving gets a bad rap but it’s not a bad thing.

While on the plane, I watched two and a half movies. The half movie I watched was The Founder. About Ray Kroc and the brothers McDonalds. Our buddy, the Scotch enthusiast from Parks and Recreation, stars as one of the McDonalds. He analyzed everything. I recognize that behavior. Without spoiling the premise, it was he who really elevated McDonalds. And that character is a lot like me. Wish I had seen the ending. But we were landing in Honolulu. And that encompasses all of the senses. Aloha.

Overachieving is Not Really a Bad Thing for a Sacramento Realtor

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