Our Carrara Marble Bath Remodel in Land Park

Finished bath

Completed Cararra Bath Remodel in Land Park

Although it may have taken twice the amount of time to finish our bath remodel in Land Park than it would have if I had been in charge of the contractors, I am not really complaining about the outcome of our Carrara marble bath. It was an extensive and exhaustive process. The workers did everything the “right” way, whereas, not knowing any better, I might have been tempted to slap up Durock and call it a day. I certainly make exceptions for quality work and taking time to ensure quality is maintained. Having done my own home improvement projects over the years with my own two hands, I appreciate a job in which pride reflects.

Our entire bath pretty much was covered in gray glass, so first all of that had to be removed from the walls. Followed by new sheetrock. Over the sheetrock went the wire and cement stuff. It’s not easy to adhere 18-inch Cararra to the walls. Plus, we had so many corners and turns in the walls themselves that it’s not like tiling four walls; it was more like 10 walls. All of the grout lines had to line up and run perpendicular on the floor.

I once tiled a fireplace that extended into the room, so I discovered first-hand that dealing with a three-dimensional object involving two-dimensional tile can make your head explode. Throw into this mix a knee wall made of block glass that I wanted to preserve, and it really took a master tile layer to deal with it. However, a master tile layer is only as good as the underlayment. The prep work is where 90% of the work is actually done.

The tile layer guy was sick for a little in the middle of this project so that caused a few days’ delay, and one guy had to go somewhere else to finish a bigger job, so that caused more delay, but still, I am not really complaining. I am a hard person to please, very much a perfectionist, and I love the end result. I’m ecstatic.

Well, there was that one part when I walked into the bath and the contractors had lines drawn and partially cut at the edge of the ceiling over the tub. I asked if that’s where they intended to install the new light and exhaust. Yup, it was. Why would you do that, I asked. Because putting the light at the edge of the tub would throw more light into the room, they responded.

This reminds me of how my brother tiled my sister’s bath. When I asked why the focal point was in such an odd place, his response was: that’s what you see when you’re sitting on the toilet. Guys! I swear. I asked them to move the light fixture and center it over the tub. Because the light is for the person who is sitting in the tub!

Below are the series of photos of our bath remodel, which I hope you enjoy:

Photos of Land Park Bath Remodel: Elizabeth Weintraub

Guest Bath Before Remodel

Guest Bath Before Remodel

Shower and tub before bath remodel

Shower and tub before bath remodel

Sheetrocking walls

Sheetrocking walls in guest bath

Wire on Walls

Stapling wire to the walls

Walls Floated

Floating the walls for uniformity

Beginning to Tile

Beginning to lay Cararra marble

Without mirror

Bubble border installed in bath


Tessa Twerking Mirror is up

Finished bath remodel waiting for inspection

finished tub

Moen sliding shower fixture over tub in bronze










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