Orange Tabby Kittens

Orange Tabby Kittens

Orange tabby kittens are my favorite. I have 2 now as my older male Yoda passed away a few months ago.  He had been very ill but would not give up the fight. One day he disappeared. I found him as I went down by the pond. I saw a little tree growing out of the edge of the water. I like to imagine he was watching the ducks on the pond and that he was so tired he simply took a long nap and never awakened. I picked him up and we buried him in our animal cemetery out back. 

Oh, how I love farm life in Sacramento.

I recently fostered a male orange tabby kitten. I call him buddy. What a smart cat he is. I am placing him with a client whose husband died. She is so lonely. I think little buddy will cheer her right up.

So why are orange tabbies my favorite? I love the look they remind me of a tiger. The tabbies  that live here with me are all indoor outdoor cats. They are street smart. 

If you ever see any orange tabby kittens up for adoption, well, they are the best cats to adopt. The picture above captures the essence of these sweet felines.

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— JaCi Wallace




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