Number One Agent at Lyon Real Estate

number one agent at lyon real estate

Imagine my surprise to wake up in Hawaii on February 1 and discover my company named Elizabeth Weintraub as the number agent at Lyon Real Estate for the month of January 2019. I have been working from our vacation house in Hawaii since November. Won’t be returning to Sacramento until early March. One of my team members contributed a sale to January, but all of the other closings were my listings.

When I mentioned this accomplishment to my sister, she asked me how the other agents felt who are working so hard in Sacramento, while here I am lounging about at Kona Haven Coffee (with phone in hand, I should add). I don’t know how the other agents feel. Maybe they feel like they should go to Hawaii, too, and then sales will pick up. But if the sales aren’t happening where they are, being in Hawaii won’t change that.

Fortunately, many of the agents I know at Lyon find my situation amusing and have sent congratulatory emails.

We have about 1,000 agents at Lyon Real Estate. Becoming the number one agent at Lyon Real Estate is no easy feat. It requires focus, concentration and dedication. Just goes to show, though, that like anybody can become president (and sadly has), anybody can be the number one agent at Lyon Real Estate.

I don’t always tell my clients where I am because they might not understand. If they ask, I’ll tell them, but why do they need to know? They could get upset because a) they are not in Hawaii, and b) they might feel like I should be physically in Sacramento at all times. However, most of my clients feel that as long as I respond to them immediately, which I always do, they don’t really care where I am.

My method of operation is simple: business comes first. I answer my phone when it rings, and respond immediately to text and email. If there is a problem, I take care of it, but usually I see them coming a mile away and send problems on a detour. This is what experience brings to Sacramento real estate.

So don’t hate me because I’m the number one agent at Lyon Real Estate. I earned it. Nobody is handing me success on a silver platter.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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