My First Day at Planet Fitness in Kona

Planet Fitness in Kona

If I didn’t join Planet Fitness in Kona, it would be some other national fitness club. The time has been a long time coming. I’ve thought about it, pondered the pros and cons. Because I don’t like having to go somewhere for starters, much less having to go somewhere to do physical labor. To adhere to a new schedule. But if I want to keep in shape, I can’t count on my day-to-day activities to carry me.

Plus there is the fact that Planet Fitness in Kona tempted me. For starters, it is very close to our house in Hawaii, about 5 minutes. The introduction fee last month was 25 cents and this month it is $5.00. Monthly dues are ten bucks with a one year commitment. Our neighbor Buzz says they can’t stay in business with those rates.  But if a bunch of people sign up for the one year, they can make money for a while after the new members flake.

We all flake. Not as badly as the California motto of dude, I flaked, but we do it. I bought a treadmill and used it half a dozen times before it became a coat rack. You’d think I would stop throwing good money after bad but no, I bought a Precor elliptical that we also do not use. We have good intentions, but that’s about it.

Which made me start thinking about a rowing machine. After all, I already bought two outrageously expensive pieces of exercise equipment. However, the difference with a rowing machine it works out upper and lower body. Bonus — both at the same time. Not to mention the best part. Sitting down. Yeah, I get to sit down; I like that. Can’t beat sitting down. Huge benefit.

The fitness trainer at Planet Fitness in Kona suggested an uphill incline on the treadmill as part of my custom plan. I am not a fan of uphill incline. If I were, I would not have to join Planet Fitness in Kona, and I could simply walk back to our house from the village. Since islands are formed from lava, and everything is uphill, uh, uh, ain’t gonna happen. Same reason I can’t ride a bike in Hawaii. I could get down the hill but it would take an uber with a bike rack to get back.

You mainlanders picture Hawaii as long walks along the beach, and not the climb. I get enough incline exercise walking to our mailbox.

Still, I got through my first day on the rowing machine. I come back on Thursday to begin my actual workout. Of course, I asked for the “old person special” — that workout for those of us who need to strengthen our core because nature is no longer able to care for us. There is no “skating” through life at this age.

The trainer asked me when I last worked out at a gym. Made me pause. I gave him the best answer: “before you were born, kiddo.”

Elizabeth Weintraub

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