Monday Morning Off To The Sacramento Real Estate Race

Sacramento Real Estate Race

Monday morning, off to the Sacramento real estate race. Our out of state sellers recently mailed us extra keys and garage door openers. I’m headed off to midtown Sacramento first thing, to drop off these items. It seems today is key day. One of our exclusive buyer’s agents, Carol Crestelo, drove to my house early this morning to pick up keys to a West Sacramento property. While dropping keys in midtown, I will be going to the hardware store to make spare keys for our new Land Park Listing on Marty Way, a coming soon property just a short walk away from the Tower Cafe. Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on Marty Way.

The Monday morning real estate race is all about multi-tasking from the time I wake up. I start off with farm chores try to start the blog theme for the day. I check email and review my to-do list. I then start the outline for my blog. Often things can happen, and then out the door, I must go. As things would sometimes have it, a pipe breaks or a million other things can happen. Serving our clients is always our #1 priority, so it is not that the blog is not a priority. I work until 1:00 A.M. most nights, so I cant often get up at 5:00 A.M. to write the blog as I try to get 6 hours of sleep. The good news, I at least start my thoughts, my blogging outline, and choosing my photo is half the battle.

A Monday morning Sacramento real estate race, if run to win, merely says one thing, “Hustle and stay on point, keep focused, and be on time.” What does my to-do list look like today? Well, it is pages long, and I will get her done and then some. Have a fabulous Monday everyone, peace out, as I’m off to the races.

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JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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