Maui Birds Found on Ka’anapali Beach

maui birds

Cattle egrets on Ka’anapali Beach are one of many Maui birds not native to the island.

This is one of those times that I wished I had brought my Canon with the attached zoom lens to shoot photos of birds. It’s really difficult to capture an image with an iPhone. I see Sacramento Realtors use their iPhones, for example, to shoot listing photos and it makes me want to scream. It’s  not that an iPhone can’t take a good photo, but it deprives those listing photos of depth, wide-angles and sparkle and light.

Sellers deserve better than that. Which is why even though I own a perfectly good high-end Nikon and can adequately shoot my own photos of my listings, I will still hire a professional photographer with HD capabilities and aerial to represent my sellers.

maui birds

Pacific Golden Plover are common Maui birds found on Ka’anapali Beach.

I can’t help but take photographs of interesting things. Being in Maui and surrounded by nature, sun and sea, I tend to zero in on the usual stuff I find. It took me a long time to identify this particular bird because I was so certain it was a type of sandpiper, but it is not. These Maui birds are Pacific Golden Plovers and they run all over the grounds at Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, exhibiting zero fear of people in the least.

Maui birds

My husband gives the Myna bird a Latino accent for some reason.

During one trip to the islands, my husband made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants when he began talking like a Myna bird to me. Except he gave the bird a Latin Gigolo identity, sweet talking me into giving it my bread. I wanted to haul his butt upstairs to our room right then and there.

Maui birds

A spotted dove is not to be confused with a rock pigeon.

There are a lot of spotted doves in Ka’anapali Beach, among other types of doves and pigeons. I had no idea there are so many varieties of doves and pigeons, plus I guess I used to lump them together into one category. They are related, but they are different types of Maui birds. I’ve also seen a fair number of mourning doves.

maui birds

These aggressive male house sparrows will steal food out of your hands.

The house sparrows are ubiquitous. You can’t get avoid them. You certainly cannot get up from the table during Sunday brunch at Ka’anapali Beach Hotel and wander into the other room to check out the massive display of desserts, leaving any food visible on the table.

Maui birds

Lonely male house sparrow on the lookout for bread crumbs.

This house sparrow hangs out near the Tiki Grill, hoping for a spare French fry to drop in his path. Of all the Maui birds around the grounds in Ka’anapali, I’ve yet to see a skinny bird. They are all too fat, which is not healthy. Not only that, but I expect people feed them, which is also terrible because it teaches the birds to rely on humans for food.

maui birds

The rare white labrador bird sits patiently in his vehicle.

While I shot photo after photo of the red-crested cardinal that would never sit still for me, not even for one lousy second so I could take his picture, I did manage to capture this rare white labrador bird. I hope you have enjoyed my brief photo display of Maui birds.

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