Marketing Bloopers, Home Selling Mistakes

Marketing bloopers

Marketing bloopers, home selling mistakes. A great title, love it. I was on MLS today and I found a listing just like the one Elizabeth is referencing below. I laughed out loud.  Thinking about this post below was deja vu. Do agents really write dumb things like below in the MLS? Do they publish horrible photos? Answers to both I’m sad to say are yes, they absolutely do. It is frankly so embarrasing. Clients send me things on the MLS all of the time in disbelief. You have to keep your humor and just laugh out loud sometimes or you might feel like crawling under a rock. This is a previous post for another website by Elizabeth.  Enjoy the read.

–JaCi Wallace

Looking through MLS today, I came upon a listing that was just reduced, so it must have been on the market at least 30 days or more; I don’t recall. But what struck me odd about the listing was the marketing comments in MLS. The marketing section in the Sacramento MLS gives agents the opportunity to write glowing reviews and stunning ad copy.

This listing contained one line in the comments: “This home has many unique things.” That’s it. The agent isn’t going to tell us, apparently, just what those unique things are. In fact, I’m betting if you were to ask that agent why there was no description of this home’s uniqueness, he would say in earnest something silly like, “I want buyers to be curious enough to come to look at it.” What this agent doesn’t realize is buyers are going to say, “Next.” They will tour homes with multiple photographs and an enticing description. Which is not this listing.

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Marketing Bloopers, Home Selling Mistakes

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