Is Your Sacramento Realtor Like A Smart TV?

Your Sacramento Realtor

Is your Sacramento Realtor like a SMART TV? Well, a smart tv knows its job. You can ask it to respond to your requests. It will learn the things you like and suggest other items of interest. You can rely on your smart TV to offer you endless smart options when you ask questions. If you ask your TV to recommend comedy movies, up comes a list. Ask it to save you time by recording programs you enjoy and immediately your request is granted.

Does your Realtor know her job? Can she respond to your requests with competency? Does she learn the things you like in a home and does she suggest other qualities in a home that you might like? Can you ask your Realtor endless questions and she provides you smart answers? These very basic and necessary abilities are what’s expected of a smart TV, a robot and indeed of your Sacramento Realtor.

I was speaking with a new client yesterday. She is an exceptionally bright young woman. In my conversation with her, she seemed to be questioning what expectations were reasonable to expect from a Realtor. She has another property listed with another brokerage and expressed frustrations with the process. It was clear she wanted assurances that my services would be superior to her past Realtor experiences.

Our client began to ask me various basic questions about my efforts and plans for selling our new listing. I offered her several ideas and options. Immediately, I could see in her facial expression she was stunned that there were so many solutions to her questions.

She was very impressed. It was not my intent to impress her as I was answering what seemed to me very basic questions. Any competent, experienced Realtor should be able to answer these type of questions quickly and effortlessly. All Realtors are not, however, created equal.

Experience alone does not make a top producer. Skillful execution, an ability to solve problems and deliver results year after year, decade after decade are not imitations of success. Rely on the tried and true hundreds of posted 5-Star reviews for our team.

If you want to list or sell a property and need an agent who exceeds your expectations, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace

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