Is the Buyer Entitled to Know Why Her Offer Was Rejected?

why was offer rejectedWhen I think about why a buyer and the buyer’s agent might want a Sacramento listing agent to answer why the buyer’s offer was rejected, it reminds me a little bit of the reasons a listing agent might wonder why a particular seller didn’t list with her. I’m not immune from such a thing, and it has happened to me, although not very often, thank goodness. I’ll do an incredible job for a client, and when it comes time to sell again, they might call some other agent to list, even though they gave me a glowing review at the time their escrow closed.

It’s not because I don’t stay in touch because I do. I try to touch my clients at least a couple of times a year, and they see my name everywhere. But every once in a blue moon a former client will not call me when it’s time to list a home. And it’s OK, actually. I don’t need to ask the reason because the reason has nothing to do with me. Some agents think they own people, and we don’t own anybody. People’s lives change and they run into agents wherever they go. Their reason for choosing an agent generally has nothing to do with the former agent they did not list with, because it’s other reasons. The world doesn’t revolve around us listing agents.

I prefer to have 100% referral reciprocation but every so often a person will choose somebody else, and generally for a very innocent reason. I see some agents get angry when it happens to them, and it’s such self defeatist behavior.

Then, we come to why a buyer’s offer was rejected. Does the buyer have a right to know the reason? You can read more in one of my timeless blogs today about Why Did the Seller Reject an Offer For the Home?

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