Is Team Roping a Hobby?

Team Roping a Hobby

Is team roping a hobby to some or is it a second career to others? This photo is a picture of my son, J.T. Bradley, roping the horns of the steer; he is called the header. The heeler lassos the two hind feet (hooves). This is a timed event. If the heeler only ropes one hoof, a 5-point penalty is issued. Now each rider has a score, based on skill level. The teams are put together by a combined score. You always are not roping with the same partner; this depends on if your attempt received a score. If the team fails no score for the attempt.

It was so much fun to watch J.T. practice in Galt, which has rural real estate much like Wilton and Elk Grove in Sacramento county. Team roping requires a huge commitment and a big wallet expense. J.T. brings 2 horses per rider to switch off as it is hard work and the horses get tired. Next week, he goes to Reno for the finals in a National Championship week. There are huge entry fees and, of course, the horses take a financial investment each and every day with long days of training to be competitive.

Riders of all ages and both men and women compete in this team roping sport. If you get a chance to see a team roping event, I think you will totally enjoy it. It is like watching an old western about the wild wild west. It is an exciting sport. Roping training happens in rural real estate locations.

Team roping a hobby to some or a second career to others? Believe it or not, team roping has much in common with real estate. Both take a team of individuals working together toward a common goal. Real estate has its own sense of adventure. It also is a hobby to some as well as a career to others. Neither team roping nor real estate is ever boring.

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–JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace

Is Team Roping a Hobby?

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