Is Smart Home Technology a Wise Investment?

Smart Home technology

Is smart home technology a wise investment? When you’re thinking of selling your Sacramento home, you may be wondering if adding a bit of smart home technology will make your home more desirable. Likewise, when you’re thinking of buying, you may be dreaming of the convenience it would bring.

What is smart home technology?

Many things, as it turns out. The most basic and most wanted features are whole house WiFi, wireless security systems, programmable thermostats, lighting control systems, wireless home audio systems, and multi-zone HVAC systems.

But of course, that’s not the entire list. You can also purchase a smart refrigerator that will practically organize your whole life. Your doorbell can come with facial recognition, so you know whether or not to answer the door. With a “smart plug” you can use Alexa or Google home to turn the coffee pot on when you get out of bed, so coffee will be ready by the time you reach the kitchen. You can also use it to turn on devices with your phone when you’re on your way home.

One of the popular selling points for smart home technology is the ability to control the systems in your home from your phone when you’re away.

  • What better way to fool would-be intruders into thinking someone is home than to turn lights on and off randomly, rather than at pre-set intervals? How about turning on some music when no one is home? And of course, you should draw the blinds when darkness falls.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the heat or air conditioning on an hour before you arrive home?
  • How about turning on the washing machine to do a load of laundry?
  • Of course it would be convenient to take a peek inside your refrigerator or accessing its automatically generated shopping list to see if you need to stop at the supermarket on your way home from work? 

Another popular feature is being able to look in on your home while you’re away.

Perhaps you want to check on the babysitter, hear what guests in your home are saying when you’re in another room, or interact with your dogs and cats via video while you’re away. Whatever your reason, being able to see and hear does bring a level of comfort.

Is all this convenience worth the price?

While some of these devices, such as home security systems, are not expensive, others are. For instance, programmable window blinds can cost several hundred dollars per window. On the other hand, smart refrigerators are now priced on par with any other top-of-the-line refrigerator.

Will your house sell for more if you install some of these devices? Will the house you buy today have greater resale value later if it has smart home technology? Only time will tell.

The drawbacks of smart home technology

Since the biggest selling feature is being able to control your whole house from your phone, it’s important to note that unless all of the technology in your home comes from the same manufacturer, you may need multiple apps. The systems are not known for their compatibility.

Next, learning to use the features is a demanding and time-consuming process. Worse, there is little support available. If you’re not innately techie, you may be sorry you invested. Perhaps most troubling is the vulnerability. These interconnected devices have an inherent risk of security breaches. Hackers can reach into them and thus gain access to your entire Internet system.

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— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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