Is It Worth Fixing to Sell a Home in Sacramento?

fixing a home before sellingWhen I list a home in Sacramento, in addition to preparing my visual inspection and trying to work up fabulous marketing verbiage to sell the home, I look for the drawbacks, the things a buyer might object to. If it’s within the reality of affordability to improve and it could change how a home buyer might view the home, I will strongly suggest the seller take action.

The problem is sometimes sellers don’t want to do it. They want to sell strictly AS IS and they don’t understand how a small thing can make such a huge difference. A seller told me this morning that she figures a buyer with “energy and vision” will buy her home. Yes, they probably will, but that person with “energy and vision” is also likely to offer less than list price. She’d be better off selling to a buyer who doesn’t need the “energy and vision” to buy it. In her case, it’s a small thing, moving a refrigerator partly into the garage by cutting a hole in the wall for it. It overpowers the kitchen and buyers have turned down buying this home during the previous listing with another agent because of it; I’m fairly certain.

She might not appreciate the information, because it’s probably not what she wants to hear, but I deliver the message anyway. It’s my job.

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