International Dog Day is Celebrating Dogs

Dog Day Celebrating Dogs

International dog day is celebrating dogs. How do you celebrate your dogs? This day is about celebrating dogs and how they impact your life every day. Service dogs of course, risk their lives or work their hearts out to impact the peoples’ lives whom they serve.

It is also about doing what you can to help abused and or abandoned dogs. I have 7 dogs. Two of my dogs are German Shepherd guard dogs, 4 Schipperkes and one Terrier / Chihuahua mix rescue dog. These dogs provide me laughter, loyalty and companionship on a daily basis. I can’t put  into words the connection I have with dogs, it is beyond the realm of definitions. My spirit is so very happy when a dog is by my side.

I have been beyond blessed to have had dozens of dogs in my life. Each special creature impacted my world. Here is to recognizing International Dog Day, and the hope that you gave each of your pups a special treat today for their day to shine. Above picture is my 18-month-old girl, Toiya. She is a Schipperke pup.

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