How You Say It Matters More Than What You Say

How You Say It Matters More Than What You Say

How you say, it matters more than what you say in real estate. A short sale bank negotiator a few years ago demanded that I change the marketing comments because the negotiator took offense to the way I elected to describe a home for sale. The negotiator has no control over how a Sacramento REALTOR and her seller choose to market the home. And this particular negotiator had no sense of humor, but buyer’s agents seemed to really appreciate this listing.

I don’t recall offhand exactly what I wrote, but there was a rotting pumpkin dissolving into the living room floor, and I pretty much described it that way. I also told buyer’s agents not to poke their noses into the stinky fish tank if they didn’t want to gag. The home was a fixer and trashed. These things were the truth about the property, evident in the photographs, and a buyer would notice it walking through. The thing is, though, most agents tend to bend the truth in a marketing description because agents want the listing to appeal to the largest pool of home buyers possible. That’s why they use the word cozy instead of tiny and say “open sky feeling” when the roof is missing.

This particular listing with the rotting pumpkin did not and would not appeal to a large pool of buyers. It would appeal to the flipper or contractor who knew precisely what they were getting into, and sure enough, that’s who bought it and closed escrow. I didn’t alter the comments, btw. The seller and I liked the verbiage the way it appeared.

You can read more about our thoughts in another timeless blog about  It’s How a Sacramento REALTOR Says It to Describe a Home For Sale.

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How You Say It Matters More Than What You Say

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