How to Miss the Train in Sacramento Real Estate

miss the train in sacramento real estate

Christmas-time is a perfect example of how a buyer can miss the train in Sacramento real estate. The buyer’s agent was trying to write an offer while juggling a bunch of small children, picking up family members at the airport and unwrapping presents on Christmas Day. We agents work all the time, but sometimes, maybe we should not. Or maybe we should hand the buyers over to an agent who has time.

This particular agent was in such a rush, she did not stop to consider that she could miss the train in Sacramento real estate. When she called, I let her know we had sent a counter offer to other buyers. Also explained I fully expected that buyer to accept the counter offer. It was mostly clarifications and we had already agreed upon the terms. However, if she sent a better offer, the seller is always free to pull back the counter offer.

As long as the counter offer is withdrawn prior to the listing agent’s receipt of the acceptance, that is. Once the counter offer arrives in the listing agent’s hot little paws, it’s delivered and the deal is sealed. But this agent had a window of opportunity. She managed to draw an offer and submitted.

To be fair to the first agent, I also let that agent know we had received another offer.

The offer from the agent who was about to miss the train in Sacramento real estate was not prepared correctly. Her buyer’s signatures were wrong. The agent did not send proof of funds. I could not in good conscience suggest to my seller that he accept an offer like that. Anybody can say they have the money, but in real estate you have to show us the money, especially when the offer is cash.

On top of that, I let the agent know the competing buyer had removed all contingencies, and if she wanted to be on par, her buyer would need to do the same. There are only so many times I want to sell a house four times and get paid once.

Did I mention this happened on Christmas Day? Yes, I was at my neighbor’s Christmas party, huddling in a corner, dictating to my phone. The agent sent several offers, all incomplete or missing crucial info and no proof of funds. How difficult could it be to download a bank statement?

She did not appear as committed as she claimed to be. Plus, she suddenly included a contingency in the offer and for some odd reason thought the seller would not care. The seller cared plenty. This situation provides a good example of not listening to what people say but watching what they do.

And the following morning, the day after Christmas, we received the accepted counter offer from the original buyer. We were in contract. And this buyer missed the train in Sacramento real estate.

Elizabeth Weintraub
How to Miss the Train in Sacramento Real Estate

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