How to Handle Difficult Real Estate Agents and an Occasional Whiny One.

How to Handle Difficult Real Estate Agents and an Occasional Whiny one

How to handle difficult real estate agents and an occasional winey one. You know, I think pragmatism gets a bad rap in the real estate business but it’s actually a very useful way of dealing with conflict. We all run into the people who make mountains out of molehills, and real estate agents in Sacramento are no exception. It’s almost like you touch gingerly tap some of them and you have to jump back before they combust and light you on fire. But that’s true in any walk of life and not just real estate in Sacramento.

Sometimes it’s just being honest with agents no matter how much they complain. For example, recently I had an agent that wanted to present two different offers for the same buyer. The offers were the same price it was that one was cash and the other was a loan. Her client didn’t want to lose out if we had other cash offers, which we did, and many offers were way over list price. There are 15 offers in total.

It was a fixer-upper in a great area, a very rare desirable property. One of my Probate/Trust lawyers referred me to these clients. This buyer’s agent could not grasp why that was not necessary to write several offers for the same buyer. Then she wanted me to tell her which offer was more likely to succeed cash or a loan? I of course said I can not tell you anything, you just need to write and submit your highest and best offer.

After trying several times I finally just said NO, you can not submit two different offers for the same buyer. Finally, out of patience a firm “no” was the response. She started to whine at which point I said the sellers have an attorney that is going to review the offers. This attorney has no interest in working with difficult agents or difficult buyers they want a smooth escrow. At last, the agent reluctantly said OK. Sometimes there is nowhere to go and you have to shut down a conversation.

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