How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains in the Shower

remove hard water stains

Finding a way to get rid of hard water stains in the shower has for me been one of the great mysteries in life. Many of my home sellers say they prefer to replace the shower glass than to try to clean it. Since you can’t really just replace the glass and you generally need to replace the entire door and frame, it’s expensive. Time consuming, too. Not to mention a PITA.

Oh, they say green cleaning materials such as vinegar and water is a great solution, but you may as well drink it for all the good it does. Vinegar doesn’t easily dispose of stubborn hard water stains. However, I stumbled across a product that really works. My clients told me about it. I had referred Masters Window Cleaning service to the sellers and one of the guys on the crew said he could charge the sellers an extra $100 to get rid of hard water stains in the shower. Or, they could buy the product the professionals use.

Ha, they never told me that secret fix when they cleaned my windows in Land Park Sacramento. They made it sound like I was stuck with a few windows that had hard water stains. Little did I realize they had the secret fix all along. Yup, the pros say the best way to get rid of hard water stains in the shower is by using a product sold on Amazon: Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner. It’s an acid gel, $19.95.

I had my doubts, but first tried it on the glass block in our master bath. There is no door in the shower. Just a staggered glass block wall that continually is hit with hard water on the inside. A good 10 years of build up in that shower. We use Lime-A-Way and CLR for the pebble floor to remove hard water stains, but the glass block and our windows has been a puzzle until now.

Wearing rubber gloves, of course, I applied a small amount of the gel on the glass block. Rubbed it with the rough side of a scrubby sponge. Rinsed and voila. Like they say in Panama: ¡Chuleta! I could see through the glass to the other side. Before using the secret fix to get rid of hard water stains in the shower, the glass blocks were cloudy and streaked. Worked like a charm! Some entrepreneur should hawk this stuff at an exhibit at the California State Fair or as seen on TV.

You can bet my Sacramento clients will now benefit from this tidbit I discovered. On to more happy home selling!

Elizabeth Weintraub


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