How the Elizabeth Weintraub Team Sells Sacramento Homes

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My Sacramento sellers often remark on how astonished they are that I quickly respond to their needs. I respond in the medium of their choosing. Email, text, phone, doesn’t matter. Email is probably the fastest as I’m in front of my computer during the week more often than not. What they don’t realize is it’s not that I’m so lightning fast — although I am probably faster with a response than most Sacramento real estate agents (which is why I win so much business) — the reason I quickly respond is because if I don’t, I’ll most likely forget about it.

I’m a busy Sacramento real estate agent. I’ll call a seller once but if she doesn’t respond, I’ll probably never call her again. I don’t hound people. That’s not in my nature. Some sellers are afraid to call a real estate agent because they worry that the agent will continue to call and call and call and pressure them to do business with that agent. I suppose some agents fit that description, but I’m not one of them. With that attitude, I’ve sold more than a 100 Sacramento homes over the past 12 months.

Which is why it’s easy for me to stop what I’m doing when a seller makes an inquiry and respond. Moreover, a Sacramento home buyer gets special treatment. You see, I have team members who will follow up on buyer leads. It’s important for my sellers to know that no inquiry from a curious home buyer will ever fall by the wayside when they hire the Elizabeth Weintraub Team to sell their home. We snap to attention when a home buyer calls. When I receive a buyer inquiry via email, for example, it is immediately forwarded to a team member for a response.

The Elizabeth Weintraub Team members are dedicated. Their job is to follow up. They keep trying to contact the buyer until they speak with the buyer. If you want your home sold, we’ll get it sold. If you have a question about selling a home in Sacramento, you’ll get a response from me right away during business hours. Not 2 days later or when it’s convenient. If I am not with a client, you’ll get a call or email or text immediately upon contact. Not an automatic response, a response from a real live real estate agent. I don’t know very many other Sacramento real estate agents who can promise you that.

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