How Successful Sacramento Realtors Roll with the Flow

successful realtors roll with the flow

Just how do successful Sacramento realtors roll with the flow? Well, everyday living is a good example to answer this question. Work is a part of daily life. Most challenges require problem solving and adapting to change in the middle of unexpected issues and challenges.

Tonight, I was getting ready to work on three market analysis studies and write a blog. Lo and behold, I sat down on my laptop and boom the power is instantly out at 7:30 PM! I am sitting in the dark.  SMUD reports more than 1,000 homes are out of power in my area. My mom is here, and it is dark and the dogs and cats are tearing around underfoot. First things first, the flashlight app on my phone, I turn it on. Next, I suggest my mom stay put, as we do not need her falling!

We have lanterns in every room, candles and extra batteries. We have solar lights located outside at every exit door. Also, of course a few Mophie USB port phone battery backups, and a hot spot for internet.  A daily must is keeping your laptop charged. Being well prepared and doing your homework always pays off.

Living in the country and working from a home office, a Realtor must prepare for every outcome. So, how do successful realtors roll with the flow? Weintraub & Wallace Realtors do just that. When the unexpected happens, we keep our oars in the water and paddle like hell. You must move with the current because there is no choice in that. You maneuver to avoid obstacles while keeping calm but highly focused. Skill comes into play as knowing how to respond is the key. Top of mind is to reach the destination as quickly as possible using your decades of experience on the journey.

How do successful Sacramento Realtors roll with the flow? We navigate forward no matter what the obstacle. Always a Plan B. Call Weintraub & Wallace for a smooth sale at 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

Weintraub & Wallace

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