How Do Realtors Educate Buyers To Write Winning Offers?

How do Realtors educate buyers to write winning offers? They tell them everything about the process. Talking about how to prepare a potentially perfect offer to conform to the market is critical. We are navigating through a seller’s market in Sacramento Real Estate, right now. Inventory is at all time low.

Buyers are making offers above list price even to be considered to compete, and they face stiff competition and multiple offers. Put on your armor and make your highest and best offer as you may not have another opportunity. All sellers do not send out multiple counters; they can decide to choose the best offer and game over.

A buyer needs to know that offering the list price may not even encourage a seller to counter when a seller has several great offers in hand. There were five offers on our new listing in Sacramento. One offer, in particular, was contingent on a seller that had not put their home on the market before attempting to buy this one. With four non-contingent offers, this offer did not receive a seller multiple counter offer. Also, the deposit offered was below one percent.

Many deposits were above three percent. Buyers, always put a substantial deposit on a property as it lets the seller know you are investing in purchasing the home from day one. Also, reduce your days for inspection, loan and appraisal contingencies. Pay for some of the escrow costs such as; Title and Escrow, Transfer Tax, a home warranty.

How do Realtors educate buyers to make firm offers? It is all about explaining the entire process and potential cause and effect within writing an offer. Buyers talk to your Realtor about the removal of the appraisal contingency. Offer to pay the difference if any, between the purchase price and the list price. Or remove appraisal contingency altogether, if you can afford this option.

Buyers, your Realtor should talk to your lender extensively about your loan process. You need to pre-approved on your loan. Be sure to submit all necessary documentation to the lender. Always provide all required information to the lender, well in advance of writing offers. Once fully approved for a loan, only a preliminary title report and a satisfactory appraisal are required to close escrow. An all-cash offer may outperform your offer. Be prepared to offer above list price to compete.

How do Realtors educate buyers to write strong offers? Call Weintraub & Wallace, we have over 80 years of combined experience on our team. Our 5-Star reviews tell you we will not disappoint. We will educate you every step of the way to help reduce disappointment as well as help to set realistic expectations. To write offers that win call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold at 916-233-8797.

— JaCi Wallace

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How Do Realtors Educate Buyers To Write Winning Offers?

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