What Home Sellers Can Get Away With in a Sacramento Sellers Market

sacramento sellers market

Sellers are in the driver’s seat in a Sacramento sellers market.

Our market has favored home sellers for such a long time that it’s hard to recall when it wasn’t a Sacramento sellers market. You know, like back in the days of short sales. Back when we had to beg buyers to please buy a home at this fabulous discount. Although the discount was not always there. It was tough. I also recall managing 75 listings at one time. Talk about being super organized. Paramount. Nowadays, I can sleep in another 3 or 4 hours in the morning.

I just adapt to the market at hand. As a sole listing agent (I work with buyers only through my team members), I have learned to offer a different menu to my sellers in a Sacramento sellers market. If I sense the seller does not want to fix up the home or put much work into preparing the home for sale, I don’t force the issue. Why? Because I will sell it and for top dollar.

My advice to sellers is to talk with an experienced Realtor who has closed enough transactions to properly advise. Everybody has an opinion. It’s not the opinion a seller needs; it’s the facts. In a Sacramento sellers market, a seller can get away with murder, sans the blood and gore. My sellers often look at me with a wide-eyed expression, as though they can’t quite believe their good luck. But they can.

If you have a home in a bad location, I will sell it. If your home is not updated, in the hands of the right agent, it will sell. What about a home that needs repairs like a fixer? Super hot commodity! Plenty of salivating flippers. Moreover, in case you’re wondering, your home won’t sell itself. Not at top dollar. But that’s what a top agent can do for you.

After a buyer completes a home inspection, most of my sellers never lift a finger to fix anything. It’s an AS IS sale, and I help them to enforce that purchase contract clause. Buyers’ agents can whine all they want, but no repairs. No credits. I don’t care what’s wrong. They can stuff their health and safety issues you know where. Because this is a Sacramento sellers market. If buyers give us any grief, we’ll find a way to raise the price, ha, ha, ha.

Further, if you’re a seller looking for an experienced listing agent to sell your home, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Get a full-service Sacramento Realtor on your side. You’re likely to walk away with more money that way, say, over a discounter. Because the commission is not the determining factor in a transaction like the discounters expect you to believe. It’s hiring an agent who knows what you can get away with in a Sacramento sellers market. Put my 44 years of experience to work for you.

What Home Sellers Can Get Away With in a Sacramento Sellers Market

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