Home in South Land Park Sold With Multiple Offers

home in south land park

This home in South Land Park sold quickly with multiple offers.

This cute cottage home in South Land Park sold with multiple offers and closed escrow on Friday. The sellers, like most homeowners, had all sorts of concerns about why their home might not sell. They worried about things that most people never worry about, and some they do. Like a dripping faucet. Yes, if a faucet drips, it should be fixed. I know we all get busy and can’t always attend to small things but small stuff turns into big stuff, I lecture, er, remind them. They laugh.

The sellers called me because I listed and sold another home in South Land Park at 1407 Carrousel Lane, not far from their house. By the time they toured the home on Carrousel, they could only enter a backup offer because it was pending. Basically, a seller has options in this market when they want to sell a home and buy another home, but trying to buy on a contingent basis is one of the most difficult. I explain it this way: just think if this was your home and you received 3 offers. Two were from buyers who did not have to sell a home in order to buy yours. Which offers would you consider?

When the shoe is on the foot, it makes sense. It’s not impossible to buy contingent, and we do it, but you might not get your first choice in a seller’s market, is all I’m saying. So while I’m going through the seller’s home, taking notes, completing my agent visual inspection, the sellers are sharing all the things they don’t like about the home. I steer them away from that conversation, just in case they tell me something horrible that I’ll be forced to disclose to the buyer, which I obviously do not want to do. Instead, we discuss all the wonderful attributes about their home, the pluses, the emotional pull it will have on other buyers.

This is the problem with studying the market too much as a seller. You start to pick up on the negative vibes and those thoughts take over, consume you, and that stuff begins to color your viewpoint.

I introduced the sellers to my extraordinary team member, Josh Amolsch, to help them to find a home to buy. After meeting with Dan Tharp at Guild Mortgage, the sellers discovered they did not have to sell their home in order to buy. This freed them to make a strong offer on a home in the Pocket, and they won that bid. They bought a home across from one of the last buyers I ever worked with before I switched to seller representation.

The home in South Land Park quickly sold. We chose a full-price offer, all-cash, no appraisal contingencies. That was the sellers’ biggest worry, whether the home would appraise, and with their winning offer, that concern was eliminated. It was a nice, smooth, easy escrow for a change, thanks to the wonderful agents who represented the buyer.

I thought about this closing yesterday when I visited another seller in South Land Park whose home will be ready for the market sometime in the next year. When I studied the comps for the seller, I noticed a different home in South Land Park that was listed by an agent from out-of-area, and realized this was a home I was supposed to list. At the last minute, that seller had canceled her appointment with me because a friend of hers introduced her to a “most wonderful listing agent.” Wha? Was I chopped liver? I forgot about it until I saw the home had only a couple of photos and no showings without calling the agent. Hmmm . . .

That’s OK, I’ll list the other home in South Land Park and be happy. This is a great market, and it’s a good time to sell. I’ve learned that a positive attitude will take you places others only wish to go.

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