Wondering About Full-Service Realtors vs Self-Help Real Estate?

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Wondering about Sacramento full-service Realtors vs self-help real estate? Listen to this, I had been running hard all week and decided to quickly dash into the Ulta Store near one of my favorite pocket of homes in Elk Grove to buy makeup. Dashed in, grabbed my mesh bag, and headed for the face makeup.

Too many choices at the Clinique counter. There are so many types: sheer coverage, full coverage, matt, bronzers, different skin types, Yikes! So, of course, I take samples and brush them onto my hands like a real pro, NOT! My hands are now covered with 5 different kinds colors of face makeup. I wipe it all off. As I was about to start on the other hand with samples, I decided ok, this is crazy. I don’t have time for this, why did I even come into this store?

Then I approached another cosmetic counter. A very nice makeup artist in a white coat asks, May I help you? No, thank you. We are so trained to say: no, I can do it on my own. All of a sudden I realized I do need help or I will be here all day and I need to get back to selling Sacramento real estate.

Changed my tune: excuse me, I’m so sorry for being rude, I really do need help. She says ok let’s get to it, with a big smile. A few questions and she comes back with a pretty bottle. She puts my makeup on and it looks great, a perfect match!

Then I realize, ok, I need several other products and with her efficient and knowledgeable help, I can get in and out in 20 minutes. Sure enough, she soon had a bagful of items and I left looking like a million bucks, at least I like to think so, LOL …

She wrote it all down and said next time you come, I have your list. I can pull your items have them ready and waiting for you … I thought wow, full-service is the only way to go! Why do we feel we have to do it all ourselves?

This got me to thinking. People sometimes think a full-service Realtors vs self-help real estate services may not matter. After all, why do we need a Realtor to help? Think twice, as that’s what a couple I talked to recently believed. We can Google anything, they said, we do not need professional help.

I explained just a few reasons why hiring a Sacramento top producer is so fundamentally important. Further, Realtors have access to information they do not and years of dissemination training. Soon enough they changed their tune: Well, I guess we really do need your help, JaCi. We were invited to their home and they thanked us for coming. Shared a cup of coffee and set appointments for our exclusive buyer’s agent, Josh Amolsch, to show them homes.

After carefully listening to their goals and objectives, we set up a custom plan and began to execute it immediately. These people no longer seem confused about full-service Realtors vs self-help real estate services. They became our clients and value working with a full-service real estate team. If you desire top producers and professional representation to achieve your real estate objectives, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors 916-233-6759, partnered with RE/MAX Gold.

— JaCi Wallace

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Wondering About Full-Service Realtors vs Self-Help Real Estate?

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