Flurry of Thanksgiving Holiday Sales in Sacramento

thanksgiving flurry of sales

Just when you think Thanksgiving is only about under-cooked turkeys, we have a sudden flurry of Thanksgiving holiday sales in Sacramento. I joke about the under-cooked turkey because my husband bought an organic turkey this year, and I’m not sure it was done all the way. We used a thermometer, and it registered 175, but when we tested it a second time, it dropped below 165. It becomes tempting not to trust the device.

The last time I did not trust a device was in 1988, out on my boat in Maine, in the early morning fog, when the guy I was married to at the time refused to trust the compass. His intuition told him to head left toward shore, unless he was completely turned around. I could have ended up in England by relying on his intuition. It was terrifying.

I trust gadgets.

But my husband and I didn’t trust the turkey thermometer.

We also roasted a smaller turkey. 18 pounds. That threw me off in calculations, too. I’m used to 24+ pound turkeys, to feed a big crowd. It’s been more than a decade since I prepared a turkey. Further, have you any idea how much organic turkeys cost? I surely did not. $4.00 a pound. I recall those newspaper ads at 29 cents a pound. You kids get offa my lawn.

Almost as insane as our Thanksgiving holiday sales. I sold two of our listings, and my team members did all right, too. Usually this time of year is slow. Buyers were feeling optimistic over the holidays.

I’m ready, of course, to get back into the rhythm of the islands for the holidays. Because I sell Sacramento real estate in the winter from Hawaii. But I have a feeling that the Thanksgiving holiday sales might very well carry over into December. May as well. Not much else going on.

Well, I did pick up this protea magnifica today, after my long flight to Kona. Such a sweet fall floral arrangement. I’m giving it to our neighbors in Hawaii who watch our house when we’re gone.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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