Fall Gardening in Land Park Involves Excessive Pruning

fall gardening in Land Park

When a person ignores her garden all summer, it means fall gardening in Land Park involves excessive pruning. Look at how overgrown everything is. The jasmine growing on the back fence is causing a few fence boards to separate and, in some cases, fall over. Its tentacles are climbing over the fence and up my neighbor’s tree. The jasmine also blocks sunlight from the tomatoes growing right in front of it. Some of it wound its way into the rose bushes that line the back fence behind the flower garden. Not to mention, the rose bush grafts sent out shoots over the flower garden.

Well, the whole thing is just a mess. Seems like only yesterday it was spring and I cut down all the butterfly bushes to eye level. Now they are growing over the garage. I sprayed RoundUp in the flower garden over several days to ensure I could kill everything. Yeah, yeah, I know everybody hates evil Monsanto and I don’t want it in my food, either. My objective was to get ready for fall gardening in Land Park. To see if we can’t remedy the overgrown weeds. Starting over with our flower garden.

That objective also involved trimming back the orange tree, which was growing over the roses and spreading. In addition to pruning the hydrangeas. Our hydrangeas were just starting to bud on the stems, so that’s always a good time to prune back to the wood. Fall gardening in Land Park also involves hauling a bunch of debris to stuff into our garden waste can, and it’s full. So that means leaving piles around the yard to decompose.

The best part is the fact our gardeners will pick up all of the debris and stuff it into our waste can when they come on Friday. Although it makes me feel a bit guilty to leave it lying in the yard. It also made me feel guilty to cut back the jasmine because the plant bleeds milk. Sticky white residue streaming down all the shoots. Like I hurt it.

My husband pulled most of the weeds in the flower garden and started digging. But the job was bigger than it seems. We did not get the Amador Flower Farm daylilies planted. But we’re further along than we were. Wait until I show you the after photos of our cactus garden in Land Park. Well, it’s no longer a cactus garden. Right now it is dirt. But soon it will be grass. A lush and lovely garden of grass. Don’t see that very often anymore!

Elizabeth Weintraub

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