Elk Grove Real Estate and the Flu

Elk Grove Real Estate And The Flu

Elk Grove real estate and the flu go forward, no matter how sick a Realtor gets, the show must go on. When your immune system is on the blink, creativity for writing has not been accessible. I apologize for missing our daily posts and will be adding some blasts from the past postings that are still relevant today.

I may have missed writing the blogs, but we have not let our clients down. We sold several listings in the greater Sacramento area this week. When you have a team, there is an arsenal of resources available. There have been many challenges with home inspections and appraisals but we kept the wheels moving forward.

When you are sick and can’t leave the house for ten days, you really start to see how we take good health for granted. Elk Grove real estate and the flu have a few things in common, they are both relentless. Real estate has a life of its own. The buyer’s agent on the other side of our escrows is working with their buyer to advance the escrow. The appraisers and title officers are each working on our files, calling and emailing. Our full-time assistant Adina, and our transaction coordinator, Roxanne, are always both working to help our clients.

Another talented part of our team is our buyer’s agents, Josh and Barbara. These two are assisting with our listings and taking phone calls for whatever is needed. So many things all going on at the same time and our email inbox are on 24 / 7. When running a successful real estate business, having a team of highly qualified professionals is why we deliver white-glove service, no matter what the challenges.

I have never been bored all these many years of my career. There is always more to do. So many exciting business plans to implement. I keep hoping this flu will get the message and go home to whereever it came from.

The show must go on no matter what the circumstances. People hire us as they know they can count on us to show up to do the work every day, even when it is challenging. There is no sick leave when you own your own business. Even if there was paid time off, we would never let our clients down.

If you want to sell or buy your home and want to have the peace of mind to know we never stop working, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors, with RE/MAX Gold. We can be reached at 916-233-6759.

–JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace

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