The Elizabeth Weintraub Team Dined at The Kitchen

Elizabeth Weintraub Team Dined at The Kitchen

Elizabeth Weintraub, Dan Tharp, Amy McMullan and Josh Amolsch on the patio at The Kitchen

Despite promises from the staff that we could light things on fire, the Elizabeth Weintraub Team dined at The Kitchen Restaurant Thursday night without getting into any trouble. We didn’t light anything on fire. Nobody arrested us. We weren’t thrown out for bad behavior, and just because we clean up well doesn’t mean we aren’t pioneering troublemakers at heart.

The thing is we work long hours and keep intense schedules. We text and email each other throughout the day and occasionally have time for a brief phone call, but we don’t spend nearly enough time together. There’s got to be more life than constant work, so we all decided to take a little break and have some fun. I could not think of a better place to go for dinner and be entertained than The Kitchen Restaurant. We took a vote and decided it was time that the Elizabeth Weintraub Team dined at the Kitchen Restaurant together.

Initially, Amy planned to bring her boyfriend and Josh would bring his beautiful girlfriend, Vika and maybe Dan Tharp would bring his wife. Barbara Dow had other pressing family matters for the month to attend to that prevented her presence. Or, she would have been there because she never misses an event. Then Amy’s boyfriend couldn’t come, and Josh’s girlfriend had to work, and Dan’s wife was unable to go, but that didn’t stop us.

Actually, it turned out well as other family members who happened to be in town came instead. And the interesting thing I knew the date rang a familiar bell when I made the reservation and had overlooked the fact it was also my husband’s birthday. That worked out rather well, in retrospect. So we all went. It wasn’t just the Elizabeth Weintraub Team dined at The Kitchen, it was Amy’s parents and my husband, too. We just go with the flow, and the evening was enormous fun.

We ate for more than four hours! Sampled wines and rye whiskey. Some of us, I’m not saying who, it wasn’t me, even had seconds. The roasted asparagus and handkerchief pasta was simply delightful. It paired superbly with a 2015 Arbe Garbe white blend from Sonoma, made from grapes I’ve never heard of but now must possess. My favorite dish was the butter-poached beef tenderloin, because everything tastes better with truffle butter and morel mushrooms, paired with a 2015 Troika Grenache from Mendocino County.

Expensive? Yes. But we are worth it. We work 7 days a week for our real estate clients, often 12 hours a day or more. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta celebrate. I consider myself lucky to work with such a great group of people who all like each other. It’s not just a job for us. If you’re looking for a group of Sacramento Realtors who make up the best real estate team in Sacramento to help you sell or buy a home, give Elizabeth Weintraub a jingle at 916.233.6759.

the kitchen restaurant

The Kitchen Restaurant in Arden Arcade after all the customers have left.

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