Elizabeth Weintraub on Agent Panel at Zillow Event

Zillow has graciously invited this Sacramento REALTOR to appear on its agent Zillow panel this Thursday, September 11th, at the Courtyard by Marriott near Cal Expo. They are calling it The Sacramento Zillow Select Summit, and the program itself runs roughly from 10 AM to noon. I don’t have all of the details, but I imagine guest speakers will present a market overview, vendors will pump wares, and the agent panel will answer questions from a moderator about working with Zillow leads.

I suspect they asked me to appear on the agent panel because I am a top Sacramento real estate agent in real life as well as on Zillow. Today my Zillow profile shows I have sold 105 homes over the past 12 months. I support Zillow because I like its online format. It’s now about the biggest real estate site on the internet. To concentrate my online presence, I had to pick years ago between Trulia and Zillow, and I chose Zillow. Just lucked out with that selection. Because I’m the kind of person who when faced with the choice between picking heads or tails in a coin toss will almost always make the wrong guess. I’m rarely lucky with even odds.

The moderator is Brad Andersohn, who is in charge of Zillow Academy. Brad also used to work at Active Rain, which is where I got to know him a little bit before he left for Zillow. He once asked me to participate in an agent webinar for Zillow, and I gladly accepted his request. He’s such a friendly, nice guy who is passionate about his career. Who doesn’t love Brad?

I have been an early adopter of Zillow, ever since it first popped into being. I eventually signed up in 2006 and created a profile because the one thing I truly crave is information about real estate. I’ve watched it evolve over the years and today it has more listings and data than ever, including predictions about how much your home in Sacramento might be worth years from now. Not that I put a lot of stock in those predictions but it’s fun in much the same manner as to watch that coin-operated fortune teller at the Cliff House in Ocean Beach spit out a fortune on a tiny piece of paper. Sadly, they’ve since moved that antique to Pier 45, in case you’re wondering, but it still works. I’ve been to visit it. Just like I’ve been to visit the stuffed giraffe Zarafa at a museum in La Rochelle, France — some things are worth the journey to see, but I digress.

Afterward, there is a free lunch and an interactive session for an hour. But you need to first get a free ticket at the link above.

I’m gonna try to get all of my new listings put together before Thursday so I can focus on this event. Every so often, busy agents should probably stop work and give back to the real estate community. I work too much to ever be a mentor to individuals who are not on my team, but I can share in a group setting. The Zillow Summit will be fun and educational, and all of my team members are attending. Hope to see my other Sacramento agent friends there, too.

Then it’s back to selling Sacramento real estate. If any day is good for a real estate agent to break away for a couple of hours, though, it’s a Thursday.

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