Do Not Ask What Else Can Go Wrong

what else can go wrong

Asking myself what else can go wrong was not the way to start my first day back from vacation. In fact, I had lined up a specific time to workout at the gym, and that was my second appointment of the day, soon as I finished at the dentist’s office in Midtown. Did not want to rush back into work in Sacramento real estate on a Thursday after returning from vacation. Thursday is sort of an unofficial Sacramento Realtor Day off.

Further, there is the notion that if you start asking what else can go wrong, you will find out soon enough. Something about karma, if you believe such.

In that photograph above, you probably cannot help but notice my two assistants: Ziggy on the left and Tessa on top of my monitor. Tessa’s paw is directly over the fob device in the video. For some reason, how to replace the battery in a Mercedes key fob was veeeerrry interesting in an Arte Johnson sorta way to my assistants.

Because wouldn’t you know it, I went out to my garage and my fob was dead. It would not open my car door. This is why I don’t really like all of these gadgets that need to run on batteries, and wish I just had a key I could slip into the lock and get into my darn car. But noooo, I have keyless entry and keyless ignition. And at that moment, I was about to be late for my dental appointment.

The first thing I do is open my Uber app, even though I can’t stand that company after the Uber fraud, and tried to summon a ride to the dentist. My password won’t work, and it’s the only one I seem to have. I tried that 34 times and finally decided I had just better hope I had an account set up at Lyft. Turns out I did. So, got the dentist trip got handled.

Came home to google how to change the batteries in a Mercedes fob when our other cat, Jackson, jumped quickly out the cat box of pellets. This is the icky part. As I bent over the box to scoop up the poop, there was something alive in the box. WORMS. Tiny white things that look like rice, squirming. Oh, this is disgusting.

I did not have to ask what else can go wrong, because there it was. My vet’s office phone system went to voice mail. But I decided to go there anyway on the off chance the phones were on voice mail for lunch. Sure enough, they were open, and the receptionist insisted that I bring in the cat.

No, I am not hauling the cat out in the rain. Jackson is too sensitive to go to the vet for this. He works himself up into a tizzy and then develops an inflamed bladder. Instead, I plopped the bag of cat poop on the counter and demanded she check it out. The worms were still moving. Here, look at it! Oh, please, I am begging you, give me some de-wormer.

After a bit of fussing, I walked out of the vet’s office with the de-wormer product and a six pack of Revolution. Although the cats do not have fleas, the vet was very insistent that a flea caused the worms. Whatever.

When I got home, I noticed Tessa poking around in the bedroom where a plant sits. Sure enough, after I had watered it, an overflowing reservoir leaked all over the bamboo floor. Which meant previous watering over the 3 1/2 months I was away from Sacramento must have been a bit excessive. More than I would water it. But hey, at least the plant is alive. Gotta look on the bright side.

Further, I was able to wipe it up and caught it before much damage could occur. Even managed to correctly change out the battery in my key fob. Stuck the de-wormer on Jackson and called it a day. No way am I asking what else can go wrong. I’ll go to the gym on Friday.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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