Do Buyers Visit Open Houses On Mothers Day?

Buyer  look for open houses

Do buyers visit open houses on Mother’s Day? Well, it is always on a Sunday and, that is the most popular day for open houses. Also, Mother’s Day is not a national holiday, though perhaps it should be. Many buyers visit or call their mothers on this day and possibly go to brunch. Driving to and from brunch provides a splendid opportunity for buyers to visit open houses on Mother’s Day.

There is less competition due to a decreased number of open houses. Therefore, Sacramento homes held open today will have a high demand and see an increased number of buyers visiting. Realtors who take the entire day off are only missing out on an opportunity to sell a home today. Buyers visit open houses on Mother’s Day for many reasons.

The Weintraub & Wallace team are holding two Mother’s Day open houses in Sacramento. Our team is promoting our brand new listings on the market today and we are celebrating. After eating our brunch and driving towards home, we will put out our open house signs. Seeing our beautiful signs may be just the perfect invitation to sell a house today.

The above photo was taken of the roses my son bought for me. He had them delivered to our RE/MAX Gold Office as a surprise in celebration of Mother’s Day. I am taking my beautiful beloved mother and a dear friend to brunch today and bringing my roses along. Why would I bring my roses? I’m taking them with me to my open house after the brunch as they will add a very special touch to a Mother’s Day open house.

Buyers will visit our open houses on Mother’s Day as they do not want to miss an opportunity to see a new listing. If you want to sell your home on Mother’s Day or any other day, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors at RE/MAX Gold, 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

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