Did You Pick the Wrong Sacramento Realtor as Your Listing Agent?

pick the wrong sacramento realtor

Sellers believe they will never pick the wrong Sacramento Realtor to list a home but it happens. It almost happened to one of my clients. He was all set to sign with a discount agent. Instead, he started searching the internet to see if maybe, just maybe, he could find a better agent. Something in his gut just didn’t sit right, I imagine. I’m not sure exactly why he began a search for a different Sacramento Realtor but that’s how he found me. I’m everywhere. You really can’t get away from Elizabeth Weintraub online no matter where you go.

Some sellers say they did not pick the wrong Sacramento Realtor because they chose a friend. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to them that might not be wise because perhaps that agent doesn’t really sell much real estate. Never occurred to them they should instead choose a veteran full-service agent. They feel their agent friend is a person they can trust. Well, you can probably trust your gardener but you wouldn’t want him selling your home, would you? An agent who sells a home here and there often knows only the basics. Like how to put a home in MLS. But an agent’s duties to her seller goes way beyond that.

For one thing, an experienced agent know how to price correctly. She knows her market, buyer’s preferences, understands stats and develops custom strategies for each client. A top agent figures out what the market will bear over what the comps reflect. One of my clients called me last month just as he was about to pick the wrong Sacramento Realtor. We discussed pricing and one of the unusual aspects that came out of our conversation was the fact agents had been telling him to list about $50,000 less than I suggested.

Now I know how that looks to seller. They think: whoa, she’s so far off on her pricing! How can she be right and all of those other agents wrong? That’s a normal reaction. I had a seller in Carmichael last year ask the same thing. Yet, I sold his house at list price, which was $100,000 more than other agents in Carmichael told him to list at. I have an ability that apparently other agents do not.

In a blog he read that led him to call me, I had explained the standard real estate commission in Sacramento. He could clearly understand why I get paid a little bit more than many other agents. Because my clients tend to make more money by choosing my services.

I looked this guy straight in the eye and warned: do not list with any of those agents. You will lose $50,000. Not only that, but you have an older home. Which means you’ll never survive the inspections and they will take you to the cleaners. My experience will help you to smoothly navigate your escrow. Besides, you know why my sellers who post 5-star reviews say I exceed expectations and work miracles? Because they are happy.

It’s a good thing he listened to me and did not pick the wrong Sacramento Realtor to list his home. We are closing escrow next week, and he got exactly the price he wanted. No renegotiations after inspections, either. Smart guy.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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