Cats, Vinyl Chairs and a Good Sacramento Upholstery Company

good sacramento upholstery company

We were not thinking about a good Sacramento upholstery company when we ordered our new kitchen table and chairs from Johnston Casuals. In fact, we were excited the day our new kitchen furniture arrived from the East Coast. It’s really difficult to find modern kitchen furniture that fits into older Land Park homes, especially in a defined spot for a breakfast nook. And especially when a person has certain preferences, which lean toward modern, simple lines.

For example, I wanted a bench, a large space I could sprawl out upon, like our ragdoll kitten Ziggy in the “after” picture above. Hey, this is my spot after I get out of bed and finish with email. It should have a back but not be too tall so it overwhelms the space. The table couldn’t be much longer than 50 inches, and we needed to fit three chairs. Which works out to be one for my husband, one for each cat, except the cat who shares my bench.

good sacramento upholstery companyOur original bench and chairs were custom made in pristine Mango vinyl. good sacramento upholstery companyDurable, I figured, and hard to ruin. Yeah, I like mangoes. Little did I realize that our ocicat, Tessa, would find a way to claw up the bench. She made her Banksy artwork prominent. Doesn’t she look innocent on the old vinyl bench? But not only did the cats manage to poke claw holes in some spots, but the vinyl was ruined after only 4 years of usage. I only know this because I had to take all of the seats off the aluminum frames, and the date of 2014 is stamped on the bottom.

Part of it was due to sun filtering through the south windows, which is unusual since this furniture can be used outdoors as well. Part of it was due to wear, butts sliding off and on. The finish had edges peeling off.

In short, our kitchen looked like a second hand junk yard. Not an attractive antique store. No, a junk yard, where people throw away old stinky mattresses. Just waiting for my husband to clasp hands over his heart, avert eyes to the ceiling and loudly proclaim, Elizabeth, I’m coming.

So I looked online to find a new kitchen set. There were zero. OK, so maybe we could keep the table and just buy 3 new chairs and a bench. After spending exhaustive amounts of time trying to locate replacement furniture, I decided it must be cheaper to find a good Sacramento upholstery company.

Much research later, I settled on Homely Upholstery. They are located in a residential housing development near Twin Rivers school in Natomas. Just a few blocks away from the Willow Creek home in Natomas I sold 3 times that faced the freeway.

I asked David, the son, if Homely was his family’s last name. No, it was not. They chose that name because it had to do with “home.” It could be some sort of translation into English because he also admitted they had later realized that Homely had another connotation. Evidently discovered after forming the company.

We bought him the bench and chairs on Sunday, picked out the same color but a more durable fabric, this one called Tangerine. For around $700, he removed the mango vinyl and replaced it, along with a bit of extra padding and ribbing on the edges. Two weeks later we picked up our newly upholstered furniture. I highly recommend Homely Upholstery if you’re looking for a good Sacramento upholstery company.  Much less expensive than buying new chairs and a bench, too. So far, no claw holes.

Now I have a new company to refer my clients to. Although I haven’t come across a need for a good Sacramento upholstery company before now, it’s good to know where to find one when the need arises for someone else.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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