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Rural Life With a mouse Always Keeps it Interesting

Rural life with a mouse always keeps it interesting. Everyone has their mouse catching stories, from humor to sheer yuck! So my sister — unable to have an indoor cat to do mouse patrol because she’s extremely allergic — has tried various methods with extreme results. In her last home, someone in the neighborhood had used rodent poison and she ended up with one dead mouse decaying in a wall with a horrible smell. Not sure which wall, it became a hit and miss to locate and eradicate the corpse. Kind of like whack-a-mole. read more

Searching For Homes In South Sacramento County

Searching For Homes

Looking for homes south Sacramento county can be daunting. That is unless you are flexible. If you are looking for acreage that is in tip top shape with a stellar location and a discount price, not going to happen. The numbers never lie. The prices have gone up while the inventory has gone down.

A needle in a haystack may happen, but it could take years. If you have to sell in order to buy then it could take up to a decade. If you do not have flexibility within your needs and wants, then the right property could repeatedly be out of reach. Great properties wait on no one. If you are looking for homes in south Sacramento county, the rural areas, get ready to spend. There are no deals here unless you want to put in sweat equity. read more

Wilton Fundraiser for Mini Therapy Horses

Wilton Fundraiser

Wilton fundraiser for mini therapy horses today, was a huge success. About 250 people attended a huge raffle including an awesome barbecue dinner. Mini horses are about 30 inches or smaller when full grown and very social animals. My friends Lisa and Ken started a program with Sutter and UC Davis hospitals to bring their mini therapy horses into hospitals.

The people in the hospitals have a big smile when these horses come into the hospitals. They live in a beautiful new barn custom built, located off Alta Mesa Rd. I sold them this rural property on 5 acres, a few years ago. It has been amazing to watch the property evolve into a paradise for people and horses. read more

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