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Yoga for Old People in Sacramento

Yoga for old people in Sacramento

Working out with younger people is not enough of a reason to want to find yoga for old people in Sacramento. Because I honestly do not mind pierced navels, flat stomachs and bright happy faces, all smug and innocent; no, no, no, all of that is perfectly OK with me. What I do mind is exhaustion and my inability to strike certain poses.

My quest since returning from my winter vacation in Hawaii is to find comparable classes of yoga for old people in Sacramento. The place I’ve been going to in Holualoa has created a class that is absolutely perfect for me. Just completely lucked out with this class. At the end, I feel the burn and stretch, and I’m generally panting. Even though it is not exactly a fast-paced class. And the instructor doesn’t just call out the names of poses, he explains precisely how to get oneself into those poses. read more

The Best Days of an Elliptical

best days of an elliptical ownership

Funny, but I do not really recall the best days of an elliptical, except that when we bought the Precor EFX 523, it seemed the best model available. Exciting time. If I recall correctly, we bought it from one of my clients who worked at a store that sells exercise equipment. You would think I would have learned from a previous purchase of the treadmill coatrack but no, I thought an elliptical would be different.

At first, I used the elliptical almost religiously, for at least a month or two. Then something interfered and changed that schedule. Maybe work, I’m guessing, because I was working on 75+ escrows at a time when we bought the elliptical. The best days of an elliptical were probably right after the second market crash of 2008. Short sales consumed my life back then, and almost all of my transactions were short sales. read more

How to Cure Health Problems You Did Not Know You Had

cure health problems i did not know i had through yoga

Believe me, I did not start out trying to cure health problems I did not know I had. Most of the time, if I’m breathing and can see when I open my eyes in the morning, I am content. As a general rule, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my health. The most consideration I give is when I’m about to see my primary doctor for an annual checkup. Then I put together a list of irritating or annoying things, and she fixes them.

Never anything that’s a big deal. But as we get older, and I am heading toward 67, you and I might find that things on our body have stopped working in the way that we were once accustomed. We don’t realize it because we tend to compensate for it. Especially if we are a top Sacramento Realtor and always way too busy to spend a lot of time trying to cure health problems. read more

My First Day at Planet Fitness in Kona

Planet Fitness in Kona

If I didn’t join Planet Fitness in Kona, it would be some other national fitness club. The time has been a long time coming. I’ve thought about it, pondered the pros and cons. Because I don’t like having to go somewhere for starters, much less having to go somewhere to do physical labor. To adhere to a new schedule. But if I want to keep in shape, I can’t count on my day-to-day activities to carry me.

Plus there is the fact that Planet Fitness in Kona tempted me. For starters, it is very close to our house in Hawaii, about 5 minutes. The introduction fee last month was 25 cents and this month it is $5.00. Monthly dues are ten bucks with a one year commitment. Our neighbor Buzz says they can’t stay in business with those rates.  But if a bunch of people sign up for the one year, they can make money for a while after the new members flake. read more

Getting the New Pneumonia Vaccine at Kona Safeway

new pneumonia vaccine

Getting the new pneumonia vaccine at Safeway in Kona, otherwise known as pneumococcal 23 vaccine, is pretty easy to do. I’ve been thinking about getting this new vaccine because everything you read about old people unexpectedly dying is often related to pneumonia. They go into the hospital with an aching heart or a kidney stone, whatever, and they drop dead from pneumonia. 

As a person over 65, I’ve already had the flu shot and the Prevnar 13, but not the new pneumonia vaccine. I stopped in Safeway last October to get the shot but was informed I should check with my doctor first. OK, when I got back to Sacramento, I sent a message to my doctor at UC Davis. She said yes, since it’s been more than a year since I had the Prevnar 13, she recommends the new pneumonia vaccine. read more

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