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You Can Buy Your First Home in Land Park This Weekend

2740 San Luis Ct, Sacramento, CA 95818

2740 San Luis Ct, Sacramento, CA 95818

There is no better market for sellers of homes in Land Park than a seller’s real estate market. That’s because the beautiful homes in Land Park will sell for far more than they could ever fetch in a normal market, and even the ugly homes look much prettier after a few drinks at the midnight bar of Sacramento real estate. Everybody is happy, dancing in the streets, except for the home buyers. Some buyers hoping to purchase their first home in Land Park keep losing out due to the competition and low inventory. read more

Should You Buy a “Coming Soon” Home for Sale in Sacramento?

Real Estate Coming Soon SignThere are Sacramento Realtors who would not dream of using a Coming Soon marketing strategy on homes for sale in Sacramento, and then there are Realtors like me who think this is the greatest thing since the legalization of gay marriage. Coming Soon marketing works very well in markets of limited inventory. It probably won’t get the results a listing agent wants in a market that is saturated because let’s face it, if you can buy that perfect pair of red shoes in any store at any mall, they aren’t all that special anymore. read more

The Mindset of Home Buyers in Sacramento Today

Sacramento Home BuyerTo understand why home buyers offer the prices that they do for certain Sacramento listings, it’s important to consider the mindset of today’s home buyers. Before the 2007 housing market crash, buyers used to approach homes with the attitude that they would absolutely adore all of them and want to buy every single home. In fact, in some cases, they had pretty much made up their minds by the time their agent pulled the car to the curb. That was their dream home. Or the last home was. read more

Photos of Sacramento Homes for Sale are Tricky in Rain

Sacramento homes for sale photographyShooting photographs in the rain of Sacramento homes for sale can be very tricky. Apart from my camera getting wet, which is never a good thing, I really don’t want raindrops in my photos or, heaven forbid, sheets of rain. There is hardly a week that goes by when I don’t need to take photos for a new listing. When we have rain every single day, I need to find those breaks in the clouds when I can run over and shoot more photographs with the sun out.

I tried to explain my professional standards regarding real estate photographs yesterday to a lawyer who kept insisting that my photographs of an old listing made the house look too appealing. The seller is suing his ex-wife for destroying his property. Although my agent visual inspection disclosed the defects, the photographs didn’t showcase it. No joke, why would any Sacramento REALTOR want to call attention to the drawbacks? read more

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