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Affordable Pool Home in Del Paso Manor Sacramento Open Today

pool home in Del Paso Manor

2313 Gila Way, Sacramento, CA 95864

Saying that summer is coming to Del Paso Manor Sacramento, well, it doesn’t carry the same weight as Jon Snow’s catchphrase but it’s a good reason as any to snatch up an affordable pool home over Memorial Day Weekend. Even if you’ve never especially thought about buying a home with a pool, this has all the other bells and whistles you want and some you probably don’t expect. Plus it features a built-in spa for the grownups to enjoy. On top of this, there is a removable pool fence stored in the garage that can be easily reinstalled for safety around small children. read more

Another Luxury Waterfront Home in Riverlake for Sale

home on the water sacramento

846 Cobble Cove Lane, Sacramento, CA

Selling luxury homes in Sacramento is exciting for most Realtors but it’s especially intriguing for me because I create a personal connection with these homes. When you’re selling homes to first-time home buyers, most just want a nice home in a good neighborhood at an affordable price. Luxury home selling is a different story, which generally requires a lot more time, finessing the meticulous detailing and focusing on emotionally driven marketing, coupled with extreme agent-to-agent networking. It is not a matter of splashing photos online but superb photography certainly adds flavor and punctuates. read more

Do Not Be a “Snooze You Lose” Home Buyer in a Seller’s Market

Snooze you lose is OK for a feline but not a home buyer

Snooze you lose is OK for a feline but not a home buyer

Many years ago — when I used to work with more home buyers than I do now, as most of my business nowadays is representing sellers as a listing agent — I recall a first-time buyer, let’s call her Cathy, who did not know when she should write an offer to buy a home in Sacramento. We had spent all day together, chasing around Rosemont looking at homes for sale. There was one home in particular that she gravitated toward, a home without carpeting, mostly hardwood flooring, with a huge back yard, priced right, and it fit all of her needs. read more

Are You Struggling to Buy a Home in Sacramento?

Couple Buying HouseTeam Weintraub is kicking butt and taking names this month. We always do well in Sacramento real estate, but it’s refreshing and even more exciting to excel in a market that is tougher than nails at the moment. It’s super hard to buy a home in Sacramento during a seller’s market. Especially when we have so many buyers vying for the same listings. But the Elizabeth Weintraub Team seems to possess the knack, the expertise and, honestly, just the good fortune, I suspect, to be winning multiple-offer situations. read more

New Listing: Pool Home in Cameron Park is Open on Sunday

3328LinwoodLn_print_57This beautiful ranch pool home in Cameron Park is located just off Fairway near the Cameron Park Country Club. This could be your lucky day as we all know how few homes are on the market at the moment, and if you’ve been waiting for a pool home with all the bells and whistles such as a remodeled kitchen and updated baths, this could very well be your dream home.

The first thing you notice when you pull up to the home, apart from the additional parking spaces carved out near the street for guests and the majestic tree in front, is the solar panels on the roof. The home is electric, except for the propane that serves the gas cooktop in the kitchen, so the solar panels save a tremendous amount on the sellers’ utility bill. They are owned and not leased. read more

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