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Sacramento Agents Should Never Ask if a Home Buyer Has an Agent

ask if a home buyer has an agent

When agents ask if a home buyer has an agent, it is the worst thing, pretty much, an agent can say. Sacramento agents inquire constantly whether a home buyer has an agent. Although, from the day an agent receives her real estate license, it is drummed into her head by trainers, brokers and managers, to qualify all potential clients. The standard way agents are taught protocol is to ask if a home buyer has an agent.

I hear agents ask this all of the time. Very common question. But what a freakin’ stupid question. read more

Cannot Get Off the Plane Without a Buyer Cancellation

buyer cancellation

Welcome to the Sacramento fall real estate market and the increasing likelihood of a buyer cancellation. No sooner did my plane land in Sacramento last night than I received a buyer cancellation. Couldn’t even get off the aircraft without a buyer flaking. Buyers are dropping like flies lately, left and right. One listing I’ve put back on the market four times. Count ’em, four times. That’s just nuts. The seller can’t believe his eyes. And it’s almost never about the property itself as it is about the buyer’s insecurities, confusion and ultimate inability to perform. read more

Photos and Video of 12 Meter Cliff Jumping at South Point Hawaii

Cliff Jumping at South Point Hawaii

Vika Gerassimenko after cliff jumping at South Point Hawaii

Cliff jumping at South Point Hawaii was not one of my dreams. However, because exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch and his beautiful fiancée Vika Gerassimenko are visiting us over the Labor Day weekend at our house in Hawaii, we supported Vika’s leap off the cliff at South Point. As I explained in the car, if somebody was chasing me, firing a gun in my direction and threatening to kill me, I might find a reason to leap off this cliff. Otherwise, no.

But cliff jumping at South Point was a goal Vika needed to accomplish. I can understand that. We all have goals we want to achieve in life. It is very important that once we picture a goal in our minds that we realize our dream. The thing is anything you can imagine you can pretty much do, within the realm of reason. I say this because I might say I want to dance on the head of a pin, and I know that won’t happen. OK, maybe a pinhead. I would dance on a pinhead. I know a lot of pinheads. Sorry to admit. read more

Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Josh Amolsch Arrives in Kona!

exclusive buyer's agent Josh AmolschWe’re so excited that our exclusive buyer’s agent Josh Amolsch arrived in Kona yesterday with the beautiful Vika! This is the first time that my husband and I have had the opportunity to welcome guests during our stay at our house in Hawaii. We tell all of our friends that they can come to visit us anytime but so far nobody has taken us up on that offer.

Of course, I have gone to Hawaii with exclusive buyer’s agent Barbara Dow in the past, but that was before we bought our house. Being with Barbara in Maui was a blast. One summer, Barbara and I spent 10 glorious days on the top floor of the Fairmont in Wailea on the lovely island of Maui. I will always treasure those memories and photos. See, the thing about the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is everybody is like family to me. We are not just real estate agents in Sacramento. We share common values and believe in always, without fail, doing the right thing. read more

When Buyer’s Agents Make Promises They Cannot Keep

buyers agents make promises they cannot keep

What do Sacramento listing agents call it when buyer’s agents make promises they cannot keep? I know some people would call it lying. But with the way the world is going today, with all the crazy crap like truth is not truth and fake news accusations when the news is factual, it can make a person nuts. We want to believe our fellow agents, but sometimes, you just can’t.

I hate to say that, but you get good and bad in any profession. There are people whose word you can trust, take to the bank, and others who say whatever they have to say to accomplish a directive with little regard for the truth. No wonder agents have such a bad reputation. They have a bad reputation in part because they deserve it. read more

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