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Sacramento Home Buyers Who Demand Same Day Showings

choosing a buyer's agent

Sacramento home buyers should choose a buyer’s agent, followed by a preapproval.

My team members tell me that when a Sacramento home buyer calls out the blue and demands to see a home immediately, that it’s a bad sign. Turns out a caller I vetted yesterday about an REO home in West Sacramento was not really a buyer. She seemed very excited and motivated, but when my team member called her to schedule a time to view the home, she informed us that she has several agents she prefers to work with, she is not preapproved, nor is she ready to buy a home for at least 3 months. She just wanted her curiosity satisfied about this particular home. read more

Writing an FHA Offer for Homes Listed with Conventional Terms

fha offerWriting an FHA offer for a home listed with cash or conventional terms is sorta like trying to stuff a square peg into a round hole, yet buyer’s agents in Sacramento do it all the time. It’s not like we listing agents can play the listing police and stop the offers at the door. We have to present all offers to the seller, regardless of whether they fit criteria. It’s not the job of the Sacramento listing agent to determine whether an FHA offer should be presented; it’s just not our call to make, yet it can be a waste of time for everybody involved when buyer’s agents don’t do their homework. read more

A Good Purchase Offer Does Not Make the Seller Issue a Counter Offer

counter offer

Small mistakes in a purchase offer can require a counter offer.

With almost every new Sacramento listing these days comes a flurry of purchase offers from an assortment of buyer’s agents. Every strong listing agent in Sacramento is witnessing this sort of stuff right now. Some of us, I should add, are fairly detail oriented, and we expect purchase contracts to arrive with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. It should not be surprising, then, when we find mistakes in the purchase contract that it means we will undoubtedly be required to suggest a counter offer to the seller. read more

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