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The Story of Selling an Overbuilt Rancho Cordova Home

overbuilt Rancho Cordova home

One of my listing specialties is selling white elephants like this overbuilt Rancho Cordova home. We call them white elephants when they don’t conform to the neighborhood, not that there is anything specifically wrong with the home. Most of the homes in this subdivision are 1,200 to 1,600 square feet. This particular home is over 2,100 square feet. Pricing is different when a home is larger than others around it. Usually the per square foot price is less than the surrounding homes.

A recurring complaint from buyers was they didn’t like the fact this home mirrored the home next door. The exterior appeared identical, except for a reversed floor plan, which meant the garages, which were side facing, also faced each other. One potential buyer from Chico called to say he was submitting an offer. A few minutes later he said he looked at the home on Google, spotted the garages facing each other and said, nope. No offer. read more

New Listing: Spacious Mid-Century Home in Rancho Cordova

mid-century home in rancho cordova

Who would not love a big mid-century home in Rancho Cordova? Especially a home with 3 baths and updates! This gorgeous single-level story is more than 2,100 square feet, according to the Sacramento County Assessor’s office. The layout includes a permitted family room addition, about 20 x 20 feet, that looks like it was original.  If you need 3 bedrooms (all large) and 3 baths, you can’t do any better than this home in Rancho Cordova.

mid-century home in rancho cordova

Oh, my goodness, will you look at those beautiful hardwood floors? This living room is spacious and open, with a floor-to-ceiling painted white brick fireplace. What picture will you hang in that spot? It’s the first room you see when you walk into the sheltered entry. Through the living room, you can see the bonus family room with sliding glass doors. Why you could fit two pool tables easily in that space. read more

Dealing With Identical Purchase Offers for a Fixer in Rancho Cordova

identical purchase offers

Identical purchase offers need something to make the best offer stand out.

When I first introduced this fixer home in Rancho Cordova to the market, I did not think we would receive a bunch of identical purchase offers. Usually the way these things go, agents advise their buyers to submit sales prices all over the place. Plus, there are usually always those kind of buyers who won’t pay list price for any home. They don’t care if it’s underpriced, they simply refuse to pay list price and expect a break on the price. But we didn’t get any of those kinds of buyers. That’s not to say we didn’t get a knucklehead here and there. read more

Realtor Magic When Getting Pulled Over by Sacramento Police

realtor magic

Obviously, this fellow is not a Realtor, therefore Realtor magic does not protect him.

One of the craziest lessons passed down to me from the guy who trained me in real estate, in the 1970s when I was first licensed to sell real estate, involves Realtor magic and getting pulled over by the police. Now, I have to admit, I did not believe Realtor magic when it was first presented to me because it sounded too far fetched. I also wasn’t sure that the agent who relayed this principle wasn’t joking around, but he swore by it. He said that holding a real estate license gives an agent permission to overlook the rules of the road. Traffic violations don’t apply to us. It’s Realtor magic. read more

The Tale of Multiple Offers for a Home in Rancho Cordova

home in rancho cordova

My goal is for ecstatic clients after selling a home in Rancho Cordova.

When I first inspected the home in Rancho Cordova that I was about to list, I instinctively knew I could make this the type of home that would fall into multiple-offer territory. That’s what 40-plus years in the real estate business and thousands of transactions gives you. You can explain this to sellers, but they don’t always believe you because how could this Sacramento Realtor standing in their living room be able to accurately predict how fast the home will sell and to what kind of buyer? Experience matters. read more

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