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Looking to Flip a Probate Home in North Highlands?

probate home in north highlands

Calling all investors who are looking to flip a probate home in the Sacramento area. As a probate home, this sale is strictly AS IS and there are no concessions. May the best offer win.

You do not find very many opportunities right out of the gate to flip homes in MLS. Especially not houses under $200,000. Market for those types of listings is very slim. Just did a quick search in MLS for homes for sale under $200,000 in Sacramento County and we have a grand total of 45.

If you can look past the aqua color and the doggie smell inside, you will probably say it’s mostly cosmetic stuff. I can see an investor getting rid of the popcorn ceilings, tearing up the flooring, updating the kitchen and bath, installing new light fixtures and painting. read more

This Sacramento Realtor’s Last Closing of 2017 was a Dream Sale

sacramento realtor's last closing of 2017

Realtor’s last closing of 2017 made 2 families completely overjoyed.

When I first spoke to the seller of this home in June, I did not realize his home would become this Sacramento Realtor’s last closing of 2017. Both he and his fiancé were so charming and sweet, they captivated me. However, the home was in North Highlands. Now, I know not every agent in Sacramento is eager to take a listing in North Highlands. Some agents feel the price points are too low, but I will work with any reasonable seller who wants to sell. Doesn’t matter to me if the price is $2 million or $200K. Same process, same tools, same skills required. Sometimes the $200K sale is a lot more work. Sometimes the $2 million is a lot more work. But it’s all Sacramento real estate. read more

I Wish All of My Sacramento Escrows Were Like This Sale

north highlands homes for sale

Back yard of 4316 Aqua Ct is .27 acres with fruit trees, patio and spa.

Around the 11th of June, a wonderfully sweet-natured fellow from North Highlands was about to join my inventory of Sacramento escrows, he just didn’t know it yet. This seller had emailed me after reading my online reviews. He found me on another website, checked out my personal website, studied my 5-star Sacramento Realtor reviews and decided I was the listing agent for him. This is the kind of dream seller every Sacramento listing agent loves to work with.

These are the sellers who do their homework, they understand the value of what we agents do, and they’re excited to meet with us. No grass grows under my feet when a seller is ready to go on the market. The seller asked for about 3 days to clean up the house and I met with him to conduct my visual inspection and sign all of the listing paperwork. His home was fairly immaculate, primarily because he spent most of his time in his man cave, and not in the living areas of the house. read more

Look No Further for North Highlands Homes for Sale

north highlands homes for sale

Back yard of 4316 Aqua Ct is .27 acres with fruit trees, patio and spa.

You can spend hours combing through North Highlands homes for sale, or you can take a look at this new listing and just buy it. Why not? This home in North Highlands has everything you want and a little surprise that you might not be expecting in this price range. For starters, let’s look at the location. This street is a culdesac, which makes it’s a bit more private than other streets in this city. Yet, it’s right off Don Julio, not too far from Greenback, so it’s a short commute to reach the freeways. Which is pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say? read more

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