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Be Sure to Catch These Open Houses in 95818 Today

Some sellers do not want to do open houses in 95818 when the weather is bad or traffic is slow. However, that’s precisely when one should hold open houses in 95818. Any lazy agent can hold an open house when the weather is beautiful and there are tons of buyers milling about. But the sales are done by continual marketing and never coming up with a reason not to hold a home open. You never know where your buyer might come from.

We have two open houses in 95818 this Sunday. Hours are 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. One home is located in Southside Park, just north of Upper Land Park. People do not seem to realize that the ZIP code of 95818 runs down to S Street in Midtown. They tend to think only about Land Park and Curtis Park, two tree-canopied neighborhoods close to downtown and Midtown. read more

The End of Our Cactus Garden in Land Park

Cactus Garden in Land Park

Nothing lasts forever, and most certainly not our cactus garden in Land Park. We put the cactus garden in long before it became trendy and cool to utilize drought-tolerant landscaping. The previous owners of our home had built the pergola and spa, which we removed a few years ago. We elected to install garden beds instead.

There used to be two 40-foot beech trees in a deck attached to the larger deck in the photo below. But one of those fell over on our house during the winter storm of January 2008. I never much cared for that second level deck anyway, so I tore it out with my own two hands.

Cactus Garden in Land ParkThe cactus garden was created by our landscaper, Kevin Morisawa. I met Kevin when I sold his home on 35th in South Land Park and sold him another. He was just taking over his father’s landscaping business at the time. Although he charged more than our existing gardeners, and much to the dismay of our neighbors, we changed gardeners. Hey, they could get their lawns cut on Friday like I do if they had listened to me, heh, heh.

Everybody around here likes their lawns done on the same day so we don’t have to put up with alternating days of noise pollution from blowers and mowers.


Cactus Garden in Land Park

Over the years, however, the cactus garden bloomed with the most beautifully colored flowers. The problem with the garden was it did not stay like the photo above. This photo was taken in 2010, about two years after we planted the garden. Now, imagine each of those plants growing to ten times their size. Even the crepe myrtle tree seems tiny as compared to today’s height. However, removing the spa from our home was one of the better ideas I’ve had. When I looked back at the fact I had not used the spa for a long time, years and years, it made no sense to keep heating and cleaning it.

Tear Down spa

The photo above was show in the spring of 2016. For some reason, I have no photos of the disaster just before we ripped it out. Which, of course, I did not do. Our landscapers did that awful job of terminating the cactus garden in Land Park.

Kevin and his team of trimmers thinned out the crepe myrtle to allow sunlight to hit the dirt below it. Someday, maybe next week, we will have a lawn back. Yeah, I know. It would be more green to keep it a cactus garden. However, I do not have the time to manage this type of endeavor and grass is so much easier. Our cactus garden in Land Park has come to its end. I’ll post a photo after we get the area finished!

Elizabeth Weintraub

Fall Gardening in Land Park Involves Excessive Pruning

fall gardening in Land Park

When a person ignores her garden all summer, it means fall gardening in Land Park involves excessive pruning. Look at how overgrown everything is. The jasmine growing on the back fence is causing a few fence boards to separate and, in some cases, fall over. Its tentacles are climbing over the fence and up my neighbor’s tree. The jasmine also blocks sunlight from the tomatoes growing right in front of it. Some of it wound its way into the rose bushes that line the back fence behind the flower garden. Not to mention, the rose bush grafts sent out shoots over the flower garden.

Well, the whole thing is just a mess. Seems like only yesterday it was spring and I cut down all the butterfly bushes to eye level. Now they are growing over the garage. I sprayed RoundUp in the flower garden over several days to ensure I could kill everything. Yeah, yeah, I know everybody hates evil Monsanto and I don’t want it in my food, either. My objective was to get ready for fall gardening in Land Park. To see if we can’t remedy the overgrown weeds. Starting over with our flower garden.

That objective also involved trimming back the orange tree, which was growing over the roses and spreading. In addition to pruning the hydrangeas. Our hydrangeas were just starting to bud on the stems, so that’s always a good time to prune back to the wood. Fall gardening in Land Park also involves hauling a bunch of debris to stuff into our garden waste can, and it’s full. So that means leaving piles around the yard to decompose.

The best part is the fact our gardeners will pick up all of the debris and stuff it into our waste can when they come on Friday. Although it makes me feel a bit guilty to leave it lying in the yard. It also made me feel guilty to cut back the jasmine because the plant bleeds milk. Sticky white residue streaming down all the shoots. Like I hurt it.

My husband pulled most of the weeds in the flower garden and started digging. But the job was bigger than it seems. We did not get the Amador Flower Farm daylilies planted. But we’re further along than we were. Wait until I show you the after photos of our cactus garden in Land Park. Well, it’s no longer a cactus garden. Right now it is dirt. But soon it will be grass. A lush and lovely garden of grass. Don’t see that very often anymore!

Elizabeth Weintraub

Imagine My Surprise to Open the Door to a Land Park Specialist

Land Park Specialist

No way was I expecting to find a young man standing on my front steps proclaiming himself to be a Land Park specialist. He was dressed pretty spiffily, if you ask me. I, on the other hand, looked like a crazy homeless person. In the heat in Sacramento, I have not bothered to blow-dry my hair since last May. Well, I spent 3 weeks at our house in Hawaii in June, so certainly no blow-drying or styling my hair there. Nobody cares. And it’s just been too hot in Sacramento, so I twist it into a bun and clip or wear in a ponytail. When my hair is down and curly, I look like the wild man of Borneo.

I found this guy standing away from my door, almost getting dripped on by standing under my hanging flower pot that had just been watered. At first blush, I thought maybe he was a Jehovah’s Witness or from some other religious affiliation. He glanced at me furtively. It wasn’t just the hair. It was probably the rags I run around in at home. In fact, I go to great extremes to wear what others would consider dumpster clothing. Shirts with holes. Put this way, a t-shirt would be dress up for me.

When I go out to meet clients, I dress for the occasion. To look the part of being the top producing Sacramento Realtor that I am. Just not at home.

He just said, Hi, I am Matt, a Land Park specialist. Just want to know if you folks are thinking about selling your home or buying another home?

He stunned me. Just seemed so weird. I was tempted to holler to nobody in particular: Hey, Babe, do we want to sell the house and move? Some guy is standing on our steps asking if we want to sell our home. I say hell yes. OK? You with me? Let’s get the hell outta Dodge.

But I didn’t say any of that. I started laughing. Honestly, I could not help myself. All I could manage from my lips was: you are so funny, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m a terrible person.

You know, back when I got into real estate in the 1970s, some agents did “farm” a neighborhood and knocked on doors to offer their services. I never did. It seemed to be ineffective for the amount of time expended. There was bound to be a better way to get business than trying to persuade people to move or hoping you’re hitting them at the right time by standing on their doorstep. Like, the U.S. mail, for one thing. Who would hire some person who showed up on their porch anyway?

I looked up this guy in MLS because he had slipped a marketing card into my mailbox slot (which is against federal law because there was no postage on it). He has never listed a home in Land Park or anywhere in Sacramento for that matter. He seems to represent buyers. Most certainly — not a Land Park specialist. Maybe in his own mind. But I guess that’s what you get with door knockers.

Happy 4th of July, everybody.

Elizabeth Weintraub

The Story of Closing a Home in Upper Land Park

new listing in upper land parkThe first time I spoke with the seller of this home in Upper Land Park, I was in the middle of my winter vacation in Hawaii. But since part of the purpose of having a home in Hawaii is to work from that location, it’s not really working for me. Plus, I think my clients like it when I’m in Hawaii because they know I will answer my phone up to 9 or 10 PM at night, due to the time change. On top of which, I am generally there alone, so there are no other distractions. I’m focused on them.

In fact, while working on selling this home in Upper Land Park, I made two more trips to Hawaii. During my last trip, we went into escrow.

I met with the seller in mid February to give her tips on staging this home in Upper Land Park. My feeling was the living room and dining room seemed like one huge room, providing the gateway to the beautiful back yard, we should focus on it. More so than the bedrooms or kitchen. The flooring was not hardwood, so a bit of staging could compensate for it by drawing the eye elsewhere. The seller contacted my recommended home stager. For very little money, she was able to arrange for staging that did not involve the entire home.

My focus was to maximize profit for the seller. Given our present conditions of a seller’s market, it made sense to be aggressive with the pricing, even though the home backed to the freeway. Other homes, not quite in this same exact position, were selling at wild prices. I was willing to help my seller determine exactly where she needed to be priced, even if it took a bit longer because our price was aggressive.

She had talked with a previous Land Park Realtor to sell her home in Upper Land Park. The seller recalled only the words the Realtor repeated over and over. Which happened to be the rather snooty: “this is not prime Land Park.” What a terrible thing to say to a potential seller. Personally, I can’t imagine saying such a thing. Also, one of the other things the seller asked me was not to send her feedback reiterating the freeway is too loud. I get it. I understood.

We received a lowball offer from a former client of mine, which was a surprise on both accounts. That fizzled and died a slow death, never even heard back from his agent on the counter offer. And then the best offer appeared out of the clear blue sky. A decent offer, one that we could accept and close on. The seller jumped all over that like a hot fudge on a sundae.

I thought the buyer might complain about the second bath not being connected to the sewer or maybe the fact the roof was two different materials. Yes, comp on the south and shake on the north. The day we went into contract with that buyer, a second buyer was ready to make an offer, but they were a bit too late. When it rains it pours, I guess. But the buyer had no complaints, really, no demand for repairs. He had asked for a small concession, which I advised the seller not to give. But she is nicer than me, and she gave it to them just for peace of mind.

Yup, get that, too. It’s all about what makes the seller happy. She left me a nice review on Zillow and Yelp, so my mission was accomplished. Thanks, Robbie, it was great to work with you, too!

709 7th Av, Sacramento, CA 95818 closed escrow on June 27, 2018, at $375,000.


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