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Affordable End Unit Condo for Sale in Folsom

condo for sale in folsom

885 Halidon Way #1613 is a condo for sale in Folsom at $309K.

This condo for sale in Folsom is easy to find when you pull into the complex, unlike many condos in the area where you drive around in circles, and there are no signs, and nobody knows where anything is located so there is no point in asking, and you wonder how the residents find their way home at night. Nope, these condos at Altura Villas have a great layout: once you get through the gate, you hang a left (because there’s a sign) and you can easily navigate to building 16.

When I pulled up in front of building 16, some guy was unloading boxes from his car and carting them into the unit next door. I asked him where I could find #1613, and he told me it was on the other side of the complex. I looked up and noticed the unit was right in front of him, in fact, right next door. I wondered maybe he was just a delivery guy.  Or maybe he just gets his kicks out of sending people on wild goose chases? Or perhaps he’s like everybody else in the universe and doesn’t quite give a hoot about anybody except himself, hard to say. read more

Sellers Who Don’t Need One of the Best Sacramento Realtors

sacramento real estate agentIf you’re looking for the one of the best Sacramento Realtors, odds are you can find a few by doing an online search. But just because the agent helps with staging or pricing and you list the home yourself or with a friend, does not mean you’ve got the services of one of the best Sacramento Realtors. You only got part of the story and not the entire package.

A former client relayed to me this morning that she did not realize some real estate agents will work for dirt cheap, and that the job to sell a home is so incredibly easy that she doesn’t really need to hire the best Sacramento Realtor. Although, she did add that when she’s ready to sell her more expensive home in East Sacramento, she will definitely hire me. Because she wants the best. read more

The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum in San Francisco

book of mormon

The Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco Presents the Book of Mormon

Because I have the patience level of a chimp, my husband and I drove to San Francisco yesterday to see The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum Theater. The Tony-award winning musical is coming to Sacramento next March, but who can wait that long? The drive into the city is only 90 minutes, even on a Sunday afternoon. I was thinking about the trip to San Francisco when I drove to Folsom and back last week to preview a home I am listing shortly in The Parkway. It was 45 minutes each way from Land Park, and that equals the distance in time to San Francisco. read more

Hop the Light Rail to Folsom Historic District From Midtown Sacramento

ElizabethandAdam-FolsomWhen my husband suggested we pop over to Midtown to hop the Light Rail to Folsom on Sunday, I was a bit less than enthusiastic about the idea. The first thing that sprang to my lips were unkind and unfair words about sharing space with stinky people. My sole experience with Light Rail was a long time ago, from Midtown to the California State Fair, and let’s just say that I fully support funding for public transportation but even my cat’s litter boxes are less foul.

Of course, if my husband had first suggested that I install the game app Ingress on my iPhone, my level of enthusiasm would have edged up a notch. It would have drawn my attention away from the dude who was bugging strangers to ask if they’ve gone to church and then bouncing back and forth, repeatedly, in his seat. read more

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